Live Streaming Mobile App for Media and Entertainment Industry

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Technology Stack

Problem Statement


Integration with existing systems: Integrating the new features into the existing mobile application and ensuring seamless integration with other systems and platforms can be challenging.


Technical complexity: Real-time live streaming video options and fans on air options require a sophisticated technical infrastructure, which can pose implementation and maintenance challenges and require technical expertise to implement.


Bandwidth and latency issues: Streaming video and connecting fans in real-time can be impacted by network bandwidth and latency issues, which can affect the quality of the user experience.


Scalability: The number of users accessing the service can fluctuate rapidly, making it difficult for the mobile application to scale up or down quickly to meet demand.


Data privacy and security: Protecting user data and ensuring the privacy and security of user information is a critical challenge, especially when dealing with sensitive information like personal preferences and payment information.

Solution Overview


We have partnered with a leading entertainment service provider in enhancing the mobile application that live streams videos and options to connect fans.


We have worked with the client team in enhancing and implementing new features in the mobile application and web backend to make it more user-friendly for end customers.


Apart from feature enhancement, we have deployed the application in the AWS server for improving data privacy and providing a more imperative way to protect digital streaming data.


The application enhancement included video streaming and video show options with options to tag videos, add filters, Automated playlist, and other video management options.


We have deployed the application in the AWS server where file storage used is Amazon S3, logging activities done in Amazon CloudTrail & SL4J

Business Impact


Increased user engagement: These features can drive increased user engagement and provide a more immersive experience for users, encouraging them to spend more time within the application.


Improved user experience: The addition of video streaming and real-time fan-celebrity connections can significantly improve the user experience, providing a more dynamic and interactive experience for users.


Competitive advantage: These features can provide a competitive advantage for the business, setting it apart from other entertainment service providers and attracting new users.


Monetization opportunities: These features can provide new monetization opportunities, such as paid subscriptions for premium content, advertising, and sponsorships, helping to generate new revenue streams for the business.


Increased brand recognition: The addition of these features can help increase brand recognition and exposure, building a stronger brand and increasing brand loyalty among users.

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