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Today’s consumers expect personalized offers and a consistent, responsive buying experience whether they engage a business through a website, mobile device, call center or in person. Yet for many business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, customer information remains isolated in separate marketing, sales and support silos, making it difficult to gain a holistic view of the customer or present a unified company presence.

E-commerce and Retail companies need to perform well in the highly dynamic environment with many challenges and emerging opportunities. OptiSol assists in transformation from a simple ecommerce/retail company to omni channel service provider using effective and state-of-the-art solutions. Right from the supply chain process to social media analytics, OptiSol provides a redefined digital solution for the organizational benefits and growth.

To be successful in this shifting environment, B2C and B2B firms must enhance the customer experience and deepen the level of customer engagement across channels. Rather than traditional e-commerce process, recent age customers choose mobile shopping, personalized service and quick fulfilment. In order to cope up with present-day customers, organization need to develop an innovative channel via mobile app, customer analysis and cutting-edge in-store self-help technologies.

Our expertise in the domain and understanding on the changing dynamics help us provide end-to-end solutions which are flexible, scalable and affordable. Apart from having capability to serve solution for small and mid-sized retails, we also develop innovative and comprehensive solutions for the Independent Software Vendors.


Omni-channel Customer Experience
eCommerce solutions on web and mobile platforms
Discounts and deal management solutions
Loyalty management solutions
Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) solutions
VR solutions for fashion and garments
Buyer behavior analysis and modeling
Affiliate and brokerage management
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