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Do you spend too much time on manual ESG data collection and validation?

We streamline ESG data processing, helping companies meet sustainability goals.

Effortless ESG Data Capture

Ditch manual data entry and gain valuable insights faster! We automate your ESG primary data extraction, boosting efficiency and ensuring clean, accurate information for powerful sustainability reporting.

Integrate our API to automate your ESG Data Collection

Our API extracts key information from your documents for integrating into your Life Cycle Assessment platform, carbon accounting platform and ESG reports.

Use Artificial Intelligence and APIs to make carbon emissions data aggregation and extraction simple, scalable, and low-cost.

Precise Emissions Tracking with AI

Simplify emissions tracking and achieve precise results with our AI ESG software.

Track emissions accurately with AI for clear ESG reporting. Gain insights, reduce your impact, be a sustainability leader.

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What our GenAi Platform can do for ESG?

Accelerate Your ESG Journey with AI

Pain Point

What elsAi ESG offers?

Data Overload & Inconsistency
Difficulty managing & analyzing vast amounts of data from diverse, fragmented sources.
Automated Data Management
elsAi automates data collection, cleaning, and standardization, ensuring consistent and reliable information.
Limited Expertise & Manual Processes
Lack of qualified personnel to interpret complex ESG data and automate time-consuming tasks.
Advanced Analytics & Automation
elsAi facilitates data analysis, generates reports, and identifies trends, freeing up human resources for strategic initiatives.
Transparency Challenges & Inconsistent Reporting
Difficulty verifying data accuracy and ensuring consistent reporting across ESG/CSRD frameworks.
Enhanced Verification & Standardized Reporting
elsAi for ESG helps verify data accuracy, identify inconsistencies, and generate standardized reports according to relevant frameworks.
Predictive Difficulty & Short-Term Focus
Challenges in predicting future ESG/CSRD trends and risks, potentially leading to short-term decision-making.
Predictive Insights & Long-Term Sustainability
elsAi analyzes historical and real-time data to predict future ESG trends and risks, enabling long-term sustainable strategies.
Limited Stakeholder Engagement & Communication Gaps
Difficulty engaging stakeholders and ensuring clear communication on ESG efforts.
Improved Stakeholder Engagement
elsAi for ESG platforms facilitates communication with stakeholders, providing clear and transparent information on ESG performance.
Compliance Challenges & Hidden Costs
Difficulty adhering to evolving ESG regulations and potential hidden costs associated with manual data management.
Streamlined Compliance & Cost Reduction
elsAi for ESG automates compliance tasks and reduces errors, leading to streamlined compliance processes and cost optimization.
Challenges in integrating ESG data with existing business intelligence
Difficulty making ESG data actionable for informed decision-making.
Seamless ESG Data Integration
Integrate AI-based ESG insights with existing business intelligence tools for holistic decision support.

Building a Sustainable Business Model

Helping businesses go green from the inside out. We support companies in optimizing their portfolio and operations for sustainability, including decarbonizing with a focus on supplier engagement, circular design principles, and market-driven value capture.

Measure & Drive ESG Transformation

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is transforming business. To thrive, organizations can leverage data and technology for informed decisions, integrate sustainability across operations, engage stakeholders, and utilize digital tools like AI to optimize resources, minimize waste, and track progress. This long-term commitment requires leadership buy-in and positions your company as a leader in the sustainable future.

Unlock the path to a Net-Zero future

Net zero and decarbonization are the cornerstones of tackling climate change within ESG. Net zero focuses on achieving a balance between emitted and removed greenhouse gases, while decarbonization emphasizes the shift away from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources. Both concepts are essential for environmental sustainability, a core principle of ESG. By prioritizing these strategies, companies demonstrate their commitment to responsible practices, attracting investors and stakeholders who value a sustainable future.

Sustainability Reporting

Businesses must navigate complex environmental regulations while transforming environmental data into a strategic advantage.

Get ready for a shakeup in European ESG reporting! The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is here, mandating comprehensive ESG reporting for a wider range of companies than ever before. Unlike existing frameworks, CSRD emphasizes “double materiality.” This means companies must report on how sustainability issues impact their business, but also how their activities affect the environment and society. This increased transparency empowers investors and stakeholders to make informed decisions and hold companies accountable for their social and environmental impact.

From Strategy to Implementation

Streamline your path to sustainability with automated ESG data collection and analysis. Our API integrations seamlessly connect with your existing systems, reducing manual effort and ensuring real-time insights. This empowers you to make data-driven decisions that strengthen your environmental and social responsibility, while building trust with stakeholders for a lasting impact.

Why is ESG Reporting Important?

ESG reporting is crucial because it fosters transparency, reduces risk, and promotes sustainability. By disclosing environmental impact, social practices, and governance structures, companies attract ESG-focused investors, manage potential issues, and build trust with stakeholders. This transparency leads to better financial performance, stronger brand loyalty, and ultimately, a more sustainable future for all.

Governance & Performance: Unlocking Long-Term Value

Unlock the full potential of your competitive advantage! OptiSol helps businesses by strengthening their governance for long-term value creation, while also optimizing operations to satisfy stakeholders both internally and externally.



1. Reduce

  • GenAI’s capabilities can analyze vast amounts of data quickly, uncovering valuable sustainability insights sooner.


2. Improve

  • GenAI can automate data collection and verification, ensuring transparency and reliable data for your ESG/CSRD reports.
  • GenAI can help you generate clear, comprehensive reports that meet all ESG/CSRD disclosure requirements.


3. Accelerate

  • By leveraging GenAI’s insights, you can eliminate wasted time researching sustainability best practices and jump right into implementation, fast-tracking your path to a more sustainable future.

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