Are You Maximizing Workplace Safety? Explore AR/VR, AI & ML PPE Detection on Shield


WorkPlace safety using AR/VR and AI & ML-based PPE Detection​

Redefining Workplace Safety with advanced technology, fostering a secure and productive work environment.

Our 3 Steps Approach

PMF (Prevent – Monitor – Feed forward)

OptiSol’s safety assurance approach is a continuous, three-step process designed to ensure the well-being of clients and their employees. The approach starts with personalized training in occupational safety and health, fostering a culture of safety within the organization. This is followed by continuous monitoring to track the implementation of safety practices on the job floor. Finally, data analytics are used to identify areas for improvement, allowing for tailored training programs for each employee. This cycle ensures ongoing safety and security in the workplace, making OptiSol a reliable partner in safeguarding your organization.


Give necessary, personalized training on OSH to employees on a continuous basis to ensure that a culture of safety and health is inculcated as part of daily operations


Monitor the progress made by employees on absorption and implementation of training programs on the job floor​

Feed ​Forward
​Data Analytics

Feedforward the data from continuous monitoring, analyze and identify the areas of improvement personalized for each employee and tailor training programs​

Key Outcomes

We are committed to advancing safety standards through innovative solutions. Our utilization of AI, Computer Vision, and XR technologies has resulted in integrated safety training and hazard prevention modules designed to foster a culture of safety within your organization


Boost safety awareness and cut incident rates with our VirTaaS VR training


Elevate workplace safety through AI and computer vision for effective monitoring and hazard detection.


Tailor safety training by analyzing individual employees’ data and creating a personalized “Safety Risk Score.”

How it Works

AR/VR based
Preventive Training

As an integral aspect of its approach, OptiSol has incorporated ongoing, personalized Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) training through AR/VR technology to promote a culture of safety and well-being within daily operations.


We will provide VR simulation training introduction session to the employees .


We will conduct the VR training sessions for the employees as directed by the client .


We will provide the dashboard to the client once the employees complete their training .


Clients can have a focused discussion with their employees based on the outputs of the experience .

VR Training: Quick Glimpse

ML based Continuous
PPE Monitoring

Our comprehensive Machine Learning-based Continuous PPE Monitoring solutions, are designed to enhance safety and compliance across diverse work environments, from manufacturing to healthcare, using state-of-the-art computer vision technology.

Hazard Detection
and Notification
Computer Vision

Monitoring Medical
Staff PPE
Compliance for
Healthcare Settings

Posture analysis &
Injury Prevention for
Preventive Healthcare

Enforcing Safety
Gear Adherence for
Construction Sites

Ensuring Safety
Equipment Usage for

Activity Recognition /
Pose Estimation

AI driven Data

We harness the power of continuous monitoring data to identify personalized areas for employee growth and tailor training programs, all while making Data Analytics the linchpin of a feedback loop that drives ongoing enhancements.

Why Prioritize Workplace Safety in High-Risk Environments?

Workplace accidents and incidents not only cost heavily to big companies and directly affect their bottom-line, it also has a direct impact on human life​


2 Million


270 Mn


Loss of $1.25 Trillion
in Global Economy


of North American businesses admit if they don’t improve their health and safety culture, they’ll lose skilled workers to better-performing organizations​​


of European organizations said they could lose business to competitors who can better demonstrate HSE; they also believe lack of it will affect their brand​


of European professionals find it difficult to extract meaningful data after an incident has occurred​

The need of the hour is to ensure that we have data-driven safety culture across an organization​

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