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Vast data, slow processing? Unlock the true value of your data: Streamline, standardize, analyze with elsAi.

Interoperable. Ready-to-use. AI-powered. Specially crafted for DATA PROVIDERS

Stop Struggling on


Manual extraction of data

On average, individuals invest 30-40 hours each week manually extracting data from various sources without a central reference point.

Inaccurate Information

Struggle with inaccurate information due to inconsistent formats or diverse languages leading to translation errors

Hidden Valuable Insights

Missing of valuable insights hidden in unstructured data like PDFs and images

Imagine spending 80% less time on data tasks, achieving 99% accuracy, and uncovering 20% more insights.

Introducing OptiSol’s elsAi,

A sophisticated accelerator utilizes Generative AI and Predictive AI to streamline data processing with features such as semantic analysis, predictive analytics, and document summarization, enhancing overall efficiency.


Extracts data effortlessly

PDFs, news, APIs, you name it – elsAi extracts info with unmatched speed and accuracy.

Uncovers hidden meaning

Understands the “meaning” behind data, mapping diverse formats to a unified standard.

Intelligent Standardization

Seamlessly translates and standardizes data, regardless of language.

Presents deeper insights

Uncovers hidden trends and patterns with advanced AI and predictive analytics.

Customize your elsAi experience the way you see fit


All the key information related to a borrower are processed and readily available for you via our API. Our API output contains,

Leverage elsAi,

Harness the power and capabilities of elsAi. Increase your efficiency!


Send your data

PDFs, articles, anything goes.

elsAi works its magic

Cleans, standardizes, and enriches your data with AI power.

Analyze with confidence

Get accurate, unified data ready for deeper insights.

Use AI you can trust

Achieve 99% accuracy in data extraction and eliminate manual errors.
Reduce data processing time by 80% and free your team for strategic tasks.
Uncover 20% more insights with AI-powered predictive analytics.

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