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From Hours to Seconds:

How a leading Indian NBFC streamlined Credit Evaluation with elsAi


Our client, a leading Indian non-banking financial company, empowers diverse clients with essential financial services. Despite managing over $720 million across 40 sectors and 300 enterprises through their innovative enterprise debt platform, manually assessing creditworthiness from diverse financial statements proved challenging due to time-consuming processes and errors, prompting the need for a smarter solution.

Core challenges

we encountered


Inconsistent Formats

Financial statements arrived in diverse table formats in Excel sheets creating a data jungle.

Manual Handling and Data Entry

Analysts identified data from these diverse sources and painstakingly entered it into standard spreadsheets, introducing delays and error risks.

Sector-Specific Document Sets

Varying statement sets based on different sectors further complicated the process.

Our Solution

We leveraged our Gen Ai accelerator, elsAi to automate data extraction and standardization of financial data. This involved


Data Detection

Heatmaps pinpointed diverse data locations within various Excel files, leaving no stone unturned.

Data Standardization

All identified data was automatically mapped to the client’s standard template, ensuring seamless integration and accuracy.

Seamless Integration

Our solution was embedded directly into the customer’s platform, eliminating manual data transfer and enabling immediate, streamlined analysis.

Semantic Mapping

elsAi intelligently identified and mapped semantically similar data elements across different formats, bridging the inconsistency gap.

Format Flexibility

Standardized data was effortlessly converted into the client’s preferred format for further analysis.

Business Impact

The implemented solution unleashed transformative results:


Time Warp

Automation slashed data aggregation time from nearly 4 hours to a mere 10 seconds, achieving a remarkable 96% reduction.

Accuracy Ascending

Semantic extraction and standard template matching minimized errors, boosting data accuracy by 90%.

Efficiency Evolution

The automated and standardized approach revolutionized the entire process, enhancing overall operational efficiency by 30%.

Faster Credit Risk Profiling

With a more efficient data pipeline, credit risk profiling became faster and more accurate, supporting informed decision-making with 20% faster turnaround times.

Our customer’s journey exemplifies how AI can empower financial institutions to conquer data challenges and achieve remarkable efficiency and accuracy in credit risk assessment.

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