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Our client, a prominent Indian professional services firm, encountered a data challenge. Audits necessitated extracting financial data from extensive sets of scanned PDFs—critical documents rich in insights. However, the tedious, error-prone manual extraction from these blurry, inconsistent, and incomplete documents disrupted their workflow and impeded valuable analysis.

Core challenges

we encountered


Blurred Vision

The poor image quality of the PDFs significantly hampered the ability to accurately extract text using traditional OCR methods.

Inconsistent data

Varying layouts of balance statements across companies and years added further complexity to the extraction process.

Missing Information

Incomplete or missing mandatory data fields within statements further hindered accurate extraction and analysis.

Manual process

Correcting errors and inconsistencies in extracted data from blurry images was even more time-consuming and resource-intensive, diverting valuable human resources from strategic tasks.

Our Solution

We devised a sophisticated solution with our Gen Ai accelerator, elsAi to accurately extract diverse data from unclear scanned PDF images by eliminating errors and standardizing the output. 


Preprocessing Powerhouse

Our solution went beyond basic image enhancement. We used advanced techniques specifically designed for scanned documents and significantly improved the clarity and readability of the PDFs, paving the way for accurate text extraction.

OCR Process

With the cutting-edge Optical Character Recognition technology, our tool meticulously extracted text from the PDFs, preserving the original content faithfully. 

Algorithmic Alchemy

Our algorithms performed post-processing magic on the raw OCR text, precisely identifying and grouping essential elements like headers, sections, and subsections within the extracted text, effectively navigating the inconsistencies.

Intelligent Data Mapping

By leveraging elsAi’s semantic relationship capabilities, the solution intelligently identified and mapped relevant data elements, ensuring accurate data capture even with variations in financial terminology across statements.

Data Conversion

Finally, the extracted data was organized and standardized into a structured format, typically an Excel spreadsheet, with missing or incomplete data fields clearly highlighted for further action. 

Business Impact

The implemented solution delivered transformative results, empowering the firm with


Operational Efficiency Surge

Automated extraction with accurate handling of blurry images dramatically slashed processing times by 80%, freeing up valuable human resources and enabling faster insights. 

Enhanced Scalability

The solution effortlessly handled massive volumes of PDFs, regardless of image quality, significantly increasing their processing capacity by 10 times and future-proofing their operations.

Enhanced Accuracy

AI-powered extraction minimized errors by 90% and ensured data quality, even with blurry images, leading to more reliable and actionable insights. 

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