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Our solutions empower utilities to thrive in today’s market-driven environment by optimizing their business operations in customer care, generation, trading and risk management, transmission and distribution, regulatory compliance, and enterprise services. With these capabilities, utilities can deliver innovative services, implement operations and maintenance best practices, enhance planning activities, create profitable customer relationships and establish high-value connections with suppliers. Our offerings uniquely amplify utilities professionals’ efforts, creating winning relationships with customers, partners and regulators.

The manufacturing industry faces many challenges like shifting global demands, commoditization of products, pricing volatility in energy & raw materials, rapidly changing customer demands, growing regulatory and environmental demands and more. In order to handle both micro and macroeconomic uncertainties and stay ahead in competition, manufacturing companies are shifting towards innovation and technology solutions to improve their operational efficiency, productivity, quality, add value to offerings, reduce costs and meet compliance requirements.

We understand these challenges and provides a wide variety of technology solutions to manufacturers to help optimize overall operations, increase manufacturing efficiency, quality and profit margins, improve employee productivity, reduce costs and unnecessary downtime. We provide solution with ample features to help manage entire life-cycle of assets for manufacturing and energy industry. We’ll help challenge way you develop, source and distribute products today so that you can revolutionize performance.


Custom ERP for Small and Mid-Size Enterprises
MS AX ERP implementation and professional services
Oracle EBS Implementation and professional service
IoT - AWS Alexa and Azure integrations
IoT – Machine integration and analytics
Inventory management solutions
Process automation solutions
Portals and enterprise dashboards on mobile
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