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Our Client, the global market leader in the logistics industry commits their expertise in international parcel, express, air and ocean freight, road and rail. They provide solutions for an almost infinite number of logistics needs and encompasses three divisions: Express, Global Forwarding, Freight and Supply Chain.

The Digital Driver

  • Provide the cognitive solutions for Scalability, Reliability, Speed, Simplicity, Intelligence, Enterprise-Class and to reduce the Human Efforts but not a human.
  • Automate the process with/collaboratively such as Websites, Window applications, SAP, Emails, Documents like Excel and PDF.
  • Create the custom activities for our clients to own/build their business in the UiPath platform

Business Value


Built text classifier using machine learning using 2 years’ worth of emails as training data and reports that described email forwarding details as labels to train this machine learning model.


Used UIPath to build bot to receive incoming emails. The bot first performs Regular Expression search to find identifiers like Shipment Number and annotate this email.

Web UI

Built a web UI that hosts machine learning model which will be called by UIPath bot to pass email body and subject and annotated identifiers to text classifier machine learning model.

Auto route

Based on classification result of ML model, email is automatically routed by bot to concerned department.


The solution replaced two FTE (Full-Time Employees) using this automated bot to handle customer inquiry emails.

Tech Stack

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