Workflow and Approval Process Automation | Enterprise application for Construction


One of the largest and most respected companies in India’s private sector with over 75 years of strong, customer-focused approach and continuous quest for world-class quality teamed up with OptiSol in building an internal digital solution to smoothen their project management. The mobile application is built in both android and iOS platforms with a Node.JS web backend.

Our Solution

An Enterprise Mobility Solution to speed-up and ease corporate communications and working platform. Enables real-time collaboration between the field staffs and project offices involved in General Construction Industry. Allows user to approve projects and assign to another user for workflow along with option to view supporting documents, assign workflow and track

Business Value



Existing employee use provided valid PIN to get authenticated for using app and New Employee need to set PIN to get authenticated


Integrated with WebRTC for real-time communication for users to communicate in private or a group, search conversation, share image/video, create group, forward message, delete chat and Remove group


Involves in actions such as Travel Request Approval, View Travel requests, Flight detail sheet and Travel Cancellation

Sale Order Invoice

Project provides list of sales order invoices with details such as project name, date, invoice ID, Job code, description, status, cost, sales and Invoices

Approval Workflow

Allows user to view list of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Work Order (WO)/Work Order Amendment workflows along with their details and status


Enable users to generate and view COST Package Variance and Exceptional Reports along with respective report details

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