Microsoft Azure based Virtual Data Security Environment


The client wants to build a sophisticated system that can provide a secure environment to maintain their data that has to be shared with any facility /vendor around the world. The proposed tool focuses on development of a Microsoft Azure based virtual environment that maintains data privacy and security, and controls data shared with others.

Business Challenges

  • Difficulty in maintaining a secure environment to transfer data to other facility.
  • Inability to maintain data privacy and lack of data confidentiality and secure computations.
  • Difficulty in data segregation and Data redundancy

Proposed Approach

  • Development of Microsoft Azure based virtual environment that satisfies data protection standards.
  • Full control of securely transferring data including data restrictions and other data privacy based activities.
  • Separate Subnets created within the virtual environment for securely maintaining different data such as Development, etc.
  • Includes DDoS protection, & retrieval of data transaction history

Business Impact

  • Standardize Business Processes: The solution provides scalable service for the company’s future business plans which implements standard and uniform business processes
  • Increases security and control of data transfer to different facilities
  • Maintains data privacy and Data protection from cyber-attacks and illegal downloading of important documents.

Architecture Diagram

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