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Sports initiate from our ancestors as simple activities has turned out as Billion-dollar business today. With emergence of competitive sport, industry is fully enhanced with technological standards. With our market-leading technology, you can help sports team, league, or venue operates profitably and grow sustainably. The solution developed through latest technology provides teams, media and fans with access to groundbreaking statistics and deeper understanding of  game.

Today, we can visualize paradigm shift in our interaction with technology. Digitalization has become engine that is driving sports and sports management. The change has redefined actions and process such as play process, viewer, engage and intellectual sports. Sports management and administration helps industry to increase resource, facilities, finances, etc.


Decision support to enhance player performance
Analytics/dashboards on team performance
Effective injury management solution
League/Tournament scheduler
Roster management solutions
IoT – Device integration with watches/fitness equipment for real time monitoring
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