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Top 4 Benefits – Implementing An Enterprise Mobility Solution


The world we live in right now is technologically enhanced and digitally sound. Mobile devices are quickly becoming essential tools for accessing any and every information that is available between the sun and the earth.

Mobile devices have transformed the way businesses are done. Mobile devices enhance user experience and improve RC With everything is going mobile, implementing an enterprise mobility solution has become a necessity.

Marketsandmarkets says the BYOD and enterprise mobility market size is estimated to grow from USD 35.10 Billion in 2016 to USD 73.30 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 15.87%.

For an enterprise not only to do business but to do it more efficiently, enterprise mobility is the key. Embracing an enterprise mobility solution helps businesses to have better visibility, boost new opportunities, and bring down inefficiencies.

This article talks about enterprise mobility, its importance, and the ways in which it can take your business to the next level.

Enterprise Mobility Market Size:
Enterprise-Mobility-Management-Market - OptiSol

Top 4 Advantages of Using Enterprise Mobility

1. Increase Productivity

  • Employees are more productive with a flexible work schedule that allows them to balance their personal lives more effectively with their work lives. Enterprise mobility exactly provides them that.
  • With an EMS in place, employees now have the option to work from anywhere. Enterprise mobility will allow them to do so easily while still maintaining deadlines.
  • Employees can access important business data from anywhere and at any time with EMS. Flexibility in work timings will help organizations You can increase their overall employee productivity without compromising employee satisfaction and data security.
  • Taking approvals, updating progress, timesheets reports submission and other core activities can be done instantly without the need to wait. This by default increases productivity.
  • With travel time being reduced (or) cut short, employees can save time and focus more on activities that increase productivity.
2. Reduce Operational Cost
  • Are you spending heavily on your company infrastructure and its maintenance? Unable to find a solution to reduce the expenditure on infra and maintenance? If so, the solution is -Implementation of enterprise mobility.
  • EMS will minimize the cost of your infrastructure drastically as the employees do get an option to work from home. Shared workspaces can be implemented for the employees whenever they are to attend the workplace.
  • Enterprise Mobility Solution can enable workspace collaboration for your mobile environment across multiple devices and platforms, thus reducing the cost.
  • EMS helps employees to have easy access to official data that can be obtained faster and through safer interchange of information.
  • It cuts down on the time and costs as storing and retrieval of the data becomes synced with total access control of the whole system.
3. Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • The top priority for any business is customer satisfaction. With the help of a mobile application, businesses can interact and communicate with their customers such as addressing their grievances, promoting offers and discounts, etc. in real-time.
  • Enterprise Mobility is the way ahead for quick customer support service in lesser time, increasing customers’ trust in an enterprise. Better customer support translates into trust for the brand.
  • EMS key factors are speed, agility, and customization. With responding promptly to customer queries and providing seamless user experience, EMS helps in enhancing end consumer experience.
  • Apart from being able to deliver effective and timely service, EMS also helps build customer delight through seamless and smart service execution, thus creating a long-term association.
4. Improved Data Security
  • One of the key aspects of EMS is secure data transfer. EMS offers your business the necessary levels of data security and risk management.
  • Solutions such as Mobile Device Management (MDM), Identity and Access Management (lAM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) provide a secure communication medium.
  • By doing so, only authorized personnel can access corporate data centers preventing data breach and theft.
  • EMS not only check on unauthorized access by known or unknown devices.
  • It also helps devices and networks to steer clear of any malware applications thus keeping the entire ecosystem safe and secure.
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