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The Intelligent Way to Modernize Legacy Apps in 8 Weeks!

Intelligently Blueprint | Empower | Automate | Modernize (iBEAM)


Week 1-2

your Architecture
with GenAI

Domain Decomposition on Autopilot

  1. Gen AI dives into your application using Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  2. It analyzes your code comments, function names, technical documentation, and user manuals to automatically identify functionalities and potential microservice boundaries.
  3. You provide your domain expertise to refine the blueprint, ensuring optimal service separation.

Identify Hidden Insights from User Data

  1. If anonymized user data is available (e.g., user actions, API calls), Gen AI goes a step further.
  2. It analyzes usage patterns to identify areas of high user interaction and potential service boundaries.
  3. This data-driven approach ensures your microservices align with real- world user needs.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Review

  1. Evaluate and optimize infrastructure to reduce costs and ensure efficiency.
  2. Evaluate system performance and security to identify and fix vulnerabilities.
  3. Optimize cloud spending by rightsizing, using reserved instances, and cost-effective storage.


Week 3-4

Code Refactoring
& Streamlined Deployment

Smarter Dependency Management

We will tackle dependency management strategies for your microservices.

GenAI complements this process by,

  1. Recommending dependency versions
  2. Identifying potential conflicts early

Optimizing Your CI/CD Pipeline for Efficiency

A robust CI/CD pipeline will be implemented to automate code building, testing, and deployment.

GenAI analyzes historical data from your pipeline to suggest optimizations for,

  1. Faster build times
  2. Improved test coverage

Microservices Extraction with AI Guidance

Our team will collaborate with you to pinpoint functionalities ideal for microservice extraction. We leverage code analysis tools like GitHub copilot and Tabnine alongside GenAI’s expertise.

GenAI analyzes your code structure and dependencies to,

  1. Identify highly coupled components
  2. Predict dependency issues


Week 5-6

Quality & Documentation
using GenAI

Supercharge Static Code Analysis

Our Engineering team will utilize static code analysis tools to identify potential issues in your code. We integrate GenAI to take this analysis a step further.

GenAI can,

  1. Boost analysis precision
  2. Identify hidden risks

Automated Testing on Autopilot

Our team establishes automated testing frameworks aligned with your testing strategy.

GenAI accelerates the effort by,

  1. Faster build times
  2. Improved test coverage

Effortless API Documentation with GenAI

We will prioritize clear and detailed API documentation for each microservice

GenAI streamlines this process by,

  1. Auto-generating initial drafts
  2. Saving you time and effort


Week 7-8

Modernize Seamlessly

Modernized Infrastructure & Streamlined Deployment

The team will establish a modern staging environment mirroring your production setup for a smooth transition. We will define a well-defined deployment strategy to minimize downtime and risk.

GenAI elevates your Infrastructure by,

  1. AI-powered Configuration Optimization
  2. Infrastructure Cost Optimization

Proactive Monitoring & Performance Optimization

We will implement monitoring tools like Zabbix or Prometheus to keep a watchful eye on your microservices’ health and performance post-deployment.

GenAI elevates your monitoring by,

  1. Analyzing performance metrics in real-time
  2. Recommending optimizations

Post-Deployment Support with GenAI’s Insights

Our team will be available on need basis to address any issues that may arise after deployment and ensure smooth operation.

GenAI’s insights from monitoring data empower the team to,

  1. Proactively address potential problems
  2. Make data-driven decisions

Business Impact

Week 1-2


Up to 30% faster

  • Potential cost savings through optimized infrastructure and improved system reliability.
  • Enhanced user satisfaction and increase in customer retention, driving revenue growth.

Week 3-4

Code Refactoring

maintenance costs
up to 40%

  • Increase in app performance, leading to improved user experience and productivity.
  • Improved Developer Productivity allowing teams to deliver features more efficiently.

Week 5-6

Quality & Documentation

Minimization of bugs by 30%, resulting in fewer support requests

  • Save time by automating quality assurance and documentation processes.
  • Decrease in errors, leading to fewer bugs and quicker issue resolution.

Week 7-8


Enhanced Scalability: Achieve up to 50% scalability

  • Enhance team collaboration, ensuring better communication and alignment on project goals.
  • Achieve cost savings through streamlined workflows and reduced manual effort.

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