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Why React Native Framework is a Preferred Hybrid Mobile App Platform

Cross-Platform Frameworks have gained popularity over Native mobile development over the years. The primary advantage in using Cross-Platform development approach is that it saves time and reduces development expenses as it uses the same code across Android and iOS platforms.

React Native has matured as a leading cross-platform application development framework over various others. In this article, we will see why react-native leads the race.

Write Everything in JavaScript

Developers love JavaScript. The lean and fast nature of JavaScript allows you to write and also run the code without using many resources. React Native is written on JavaScript. Such a lightweight approach is a boon for a mobile developer, given the resource constraints, he will have in running a sleek app on the device.

Community is the king in the open-source world

React Native Community offers great support in jumpstarting your app development. There is so much offered by the ever-growing community of react native developers. The added advantage is the backing from Facebook Developers Forums, another great community embracing the framework.

Reduce and Reuse

The component-based development in React Native lets you create components that can be reused across the project and in cases, multiple projects as well. The components work the same across Android and ios thus reducing the effort you need to put to support two platforms. The more reusable components you build and use the less is the effort in the full lifecycle – development, testing and release.

Built for Mobile

React Native is exclusively built for Mobile. The UI layer built in React Native is more responsive as close to those developed in Native development and in some cases even better. The very nature of ground-up development of the framework built for mobile gives it the edge.

Tons of Tools and Libraries

NPMs, Github forks, and other third-party platforms provide plenty of tools and libraries helping the developers solve their application problems. You can get an assembly line of testing tools, Integration libraries for Maps and Standard UI controls, etc.

To Summarize, React Native offers great advantages to developers and business owners in conceptualizing and developing their mobile applications. It is a perfect solution for most use cases you would want to solve on a mobile application. It is a mature cross-platform application development framework that reduces cost and increases productivity. More importantly, developers love them for their simplicity!

We hope this article provided you the information that you have been looking for. For further details, discussion, queries, and doubts on the above topic, leave a comment in the comment box. We would help you with answers and solutions.

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