Enterprise Mobility Services on Microsoft Dynamics AX


OptiSol & a Leading North American provider of environmental services have maintained a strong partnership for the past eight years and built web and mobile platforms for running their services smoothly. They worked together in developing a mobility solution built using Microsoft Dynamics AX. This mobility solution is used for smoothening their appropriate workflow actions of Purchase Order and Purchase Requisition.

The Digital Driver

  • Review and take appropriate workflow actions (Approve, Reject, Request Change, Delegate, Submit, Recall) for both Purchase Order and Purchase Requisition.
  • Allow users to access and view real-time data from Dynamics AX 2012. Receive or cancel product receipts for purchase orders, and also view the list of suppliers.

Business Value


Purchase Order

User can manage the purchase order along with verification of the order details and approval process anywhere and anytime

Purchase Requisition

User can view the list of purchase requests received along with the details of requesting client or vendor details. They shall have option to accept or decline request.

Quote Management

User can analyze the approved purchase requests for working on quotes and send across finalized quotes to the respective vendors along with option to update quote status.

Vendor Management

Enables users to manage the vendors and their details along with the option to view selected vendor details, view their orders history and status

Real Time notifications of tasks in queue

User gets alerts on actions such as new purchase requests approvals, rejections with reason, order status, etc.

Seamlessly integrated with MS AX

Mobility solution is integrated seamlessly with the existing Microsoft Dynamics application via a secure API service for the mobile application to communicate with legacy application.

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