Mobility Solution-Based The OTC Product Purchase Process

Business Impact


One of the frequent occurrences when visiting a pharmacy center is that not all of the prescription supplies recommended by the doctor are available in the pharmacy.


The patients may sacrifice instruction from pharmacists, choosing to skip the medicine purchase resulting in cascading negative effects.


Automated kiosk machines help in improving prescription pickup rates and improve medical adherence for patients


OptiSol collaborated with the client in implementing the retail solution using frontend and backend technologies such as ReactNative, Java, and Spring.


This innovative service platform is the first automated system where kiosk machines are employed for purchasing medical supplies.

Technology Stack

Application Screens

Solution Overview

With the development of this digital solution, OptiSol helped the US-based company in providing the end customers access to essential medicines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through this solution, customers were able to locate the necessary medical items and get immediate top-quality products in a safe and secure manner.

Key Features


Explore OTC Products


Locate Services


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