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One of the fastest growing IT companies in the Middle East teamed up with OptiSol in implementing a combination of manual and automation testing services for their platforms to improve efficiency and reliability. To provide a high level of test coverage, the testing strategies are involved throughout the development cycle thereby giving an intuitive experience for end users.

Testing services

Automation Testing

As the application grows, the complexity and testing scope also increase making it difficult to adopt manual testing practices. Automated testing is executed alongside feature development in a development cycle using software continuous integration tools. The automated testing framework minimized risks while focusing on the right interfaces for testing

Load Testing

Load testing is one of the non-functional testing strategies that helps in verifying whether how the application works in different loads. Using load testing, the future behavior of system with scaling users and data are determined. Load testing helps in assuring flawless functioning of software application before deployment and ensures stability.

Functionality Testing

Functional testing in mobile applications mainly focuses on ensuring quality assurance, customer stratification through easy usability, and reduced risks. The functionality testing considers application validation across different parts of the application to check primary functions, screen flow, and GUI. The functionality testing also verifies whether all the modules dependencies for transferring data are working properly. The other manual testing strategies employed are Sanity testing, regression testing, and API testing.

Stress Testing

Stress testing mainly focuses on ensuring that the system is stable by measuring system performance outside of the parameters of normal working conditions. This is also one of the non-functional testing employed that checks how the application works when more users or transactions are involved. Through stress testing the limit at which the system or software or hardware breaks can be determined. It also checks whether the system demonstrates effective error management under extreme conditions.

Key Outcomes


Minimizes the Cost of Failure


Improved Scalability


Greater Customers Satisfaction


Minimizes the Risk for System Downtime


Identify Inefficient Code


Identifying Hidden Bugs


Facilitating Simultaneous Web App Usage

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