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Problem Statement


Complexity: Construction projects are often complex and involve many different stakeholders, which can make it difficult to design and implement a workflow and approval process that is both efficient and effective.


Lack of standardization: Different construction companies may have different processes and systems in place, making it difficult to standardize workflows and approvals across the industry.


Communication and coordination: Construction projects often involve many different teams and contractors, which can make it difficult to effectively communicate and coordinate the various activities and approvals needed to complete a project.


Lack of transparency: Without proper systems in place, it can be difficult for construction companies to track and monitor the progress of approvals and workflows, which can lead to delays and other issues.


Resistance to change: Some construction professionals may be resistant to changing the way they work, which can make it difficult to implement new systems and processes.

Solution Overview


A respected Indian company with 75+ years of experience partnered with OptiSol to build an internal digital solution for streamlined project management.


The solution, developed for both Android and iOS platforms, features a web backend built using Node.JS.


This Enterprise Mobility Solution designed to accelerate and simplify corporate communications and workflow process.


Enables real-time collaboration between the field staffs and project offices involved in General Construction Industry.


Allows user to approve projects and assign to another user for workflow along with option to view supporting documents, assign workflow and track.

Business Impact


Increased productivity: The mobile application allows team members to access project information and complete tasks on-the-go, which has led to increased productivity and efficiency.


Improved communication: The mobile application facilitates real-time communication and collaboration among team members, which has improved the flow of information and reduced delays in decision-making.


Better tracking and reporting: The mobile application provides easy access to project data and status updates, which has improved our ability to track progress and report on project performance.


Enhanced customer service: The mobile application provides team members with the information they need to respond quickly and effectively to customer inquiries, which has improved our overall level of customer service.


Cost savings: By automating workflows, the mobile application has reduced the need for manual data entry and other labor-intensive tasks, which has led to cost savings for the company.

Testimonials of Our Happy Clients

Struggling with complex construction workflows and communication gaps?

Simplify workflows, bridge communication gaps for seamless project management!

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Key Features



Existing employee use provided valid PIN to get authenticated for using app and New Employee need to set PIN to get authenticated


Integrated with WebRTC for real-time communication for users to communicate in private or a group, search conversation, share image/video, create group, forward message, delete chat and Remove group


Involves in actions such as Travel Request Approval, View Travel requests, Flight detail sheet and Travel Cancellation

Sale Order Invoice

Project provides list of sales order invoices with details such as project name, date, invoice ID, Job code, description, status, cost, sales and Invoices

Approval Workflow

Allows user to view list of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Work Order (WO)/Work Order Amendment workflows along with their details and status


Enable users to generate and view COST Package Variance and Exceptional Reports along with respective report details

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Trusted and Proven Engagement Model

  • The solution discovery phase is all about knowing your target audience, writing down requirements, and creating a full scope for the project.
  • This helps clarify the goals, and limitations, and deliver quality products & services.
  • A nondisclosure agreement (NDA) is signed to not disclose any sensitive information revealed over the course of doing business together.
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  • Based on these scenarios, clients may agree to a particular engagement model (Fixed Bid, T&M, Dedicated Team).
  • The SOW document shall list details on project requirements, project management tools, tech stacks, deliverables, milestones, timelines, team size, hourly/monthly rate cards, billable hours and invoice details.
  • On signing the SOW, an official project kick-off meeting shall be initiated.
  • Our implementation approach, ecosystem, tools, solutions modelling, sprint plan, etc. shall be discussed during this meeting.
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