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Problem Statement


Costly Transfer Methods: Traditional money transfer methods, such as wire transfers or bank drafts, can be expensive due to the various fees involved, including transaction fees, currency exchange fees, and intermediary bank fees.


Slow Transaction Times: Traditional money transfer methods can take several days or even weeks to complete, making them unsuitable for urgent or time-sensitive transfers.


Limited Accessibility: Traditional money transfer methods often require customers to physically visit a bank or remittance center during business hours, which can be inconvenient, especially for customers in remote or rural areas.


Lack of Transparency:Traditional money transfer methods can be opaque, with little visibility into the status of a transaction or the fees being charged.


Security Risks: Traditional money transfer methods can be susceptible to fraud, identity theft, and other security risks, especially when sending money to unfamiliar destinations.

Solution Overview


Our company has created a complete digital remittance solution that enables secure and fast money transfers for end customers.


The solution provides comprehensive features such as agent management, agent contracts, reconciliation, inter-branch transactions, P&L statements, and compliance management.


To ensure a seamless experience, we have integrated the application with third-party services for bank transfer integration, fraud prevention, and electronic submission of compliance reports.


Our solution enables customers to easily compare rates and request fund transfers, as well as add their KYC information and submit documents for verification.


Overall, our digital remittance solution provides a reliable, secure, and comprehensive solution for customers seeking to transfer money.

Business Impact


Increased Customer Base: A mobile-based digital remittance system can help a finance company reach new customers and markets, as more people are using mobile devices for financial transactions.


Improved Customer Experience: A mobile-based digital remittance system provides customers with a more convenient, user-friendly, and faster experience, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.


Cost Savings: A mobile-based digital remittance system can be cheaper to operate than traditional methods, as it eliminates the need for physical infrastructure and manual processes.


Competitive Advantage: Offering a mobile-based digital remittance system can differentiate a finance company from competitors that do not offer such a service.


Improved Compliance: A mobile-based digital remittance system can help finance companies comply with regulations by integrating compliance checks, reducing the risk of penalties and reputational damage.

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Key Features


KYC Process

Easy onboarding process with user information and integrated options for scanning documents required for “Know your Customer”.

API and Reports

Generate compliance reports based on the country of origin with Lexus-Nexus API.  Integrate with various providers – POLI API for Forex transactions and Lexus/Nexus API for compliance.

Quote and Fix

Customer can check for the currency exchange rate provided and quote for it. On confirmation, they can transfer money based on the fixed rate.

Rule based Fraud Prevention

Detect and prevent fraudulent transactions with configurable fraud prevention rules.

Agents Management

Onboard and manage agents/sub-agents who bring business to you. With multiple users under each agent, operate with ease.

Fees and Charges

Configure transaction fee and commission rates applicable across agents and sender.

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