Why is this a right time for restaurants to go digital?

Why is this a right time for restaurants to go digital?

Whether visiting our nearby restaurant or even stepping out of the home is not happening for some time. We are stuck inside the walls till the pandemic fear clears. If the restaurants don’t find a way to connect with people, they just have to watch their food business get worse.

How to turn the situation to your favour?

Consider a food lover, who is not able to enjoy his/her food from the favourite restaurant. If the restaurant launches a food ordering application with all their favourite food items and delivers it to doorsteps. What’s more, do they need. They would be more than happy to grab the opportunity.

As the famous Entrepreneur says,

“So I think the winners in a recession are the people who produce new technology that does things better, which people really want.”  – James Dyson

The level of comfort a restaurant gives is more important apart from the taste the food provides. with technology as helping hand, the restaurants can increase their customer experience by actively opting for digital tools.

On-demand food ordering and delivery app are developed in mobile and web platform and providing digital services for restaurants, customers and drivers. The restaurants are able to access the application to create menus, accept orders, receive payment and manage delivery persons.

On-demand food ordering and delivery app

  • Menu Management: The restaurants can add and manage their own digital menus along with the pricings in the application.
  • Order and Delivery Tracking: The restaurants can accept and reject orders from customers. The real-time tracking feature can be used for tracking the delivery person location.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: This feature helps the restaurants to receive payments from customers using the inbuilt payment gateway. It is also possible to add more than one payment gateways on a need basis.
  • Customer Feedback Management: Restaurants can make use of this feature for improving their services by getting the feedbacks in form of the rating system and comments from the customers.

OptiSol Restaurant ordering Offering:


Our hybrid Solution will act as the entry point for restaurants to improve their food delivery business through digital services in the crisis time. This in turn helps the customers in experiencing the taste of digital technology to order and enjoy food, thereby providing the best service for customers. With a listing of menus in virtual form and pricings, the restaurants can create a safe and social distancing environment for customers to choose the foods of liking virtually and making payments using the inbuilt payment gateways. We have a team of experts who can provide business consulting and ideas to develop tailored solutions for modernizing user experience and high-quality care.

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