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Pickup and Delivery

  • Pickup and Delivery Management
  • Track Delivery Agents Real Time
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Customizable, Robust and Scalable Application

For Business Owners

The On-Demand pickup/delivery application is available on both IOS and Android platforms for Delivery drivers, and on Web for Business Owners. This is ready to use application with your branding and with customization options that best fit your business needs. This is the right time to serve your customers at their doorstep with the application. Our application provides you the right set of features to manage your on-demand delivery business with ease and enhance customer experience and expectations.

Intuitive Dashboard

Business owners can have an overview of the entire business operations through the dashboard feature. The dashboard displays critical and valuable information and insights on Orders received, Orders delivered, Transactions, Delivery Driver performance, etc.

Pickup and Delivery Management

Business Owners/Admin will be able to create and add new delivery agents into the application and also assign deliveries to available delivery agents. Admin can also view the list of delivery agents available in a particular location, assign work, and track their route using the application. Admin can track incoming orders, assign tasks to delivery drivers, and track deliver status.

Track Delivery Drivers Real-Time

You can always keep an eye on every delivery with an inbuilt map view. Business Owners/Admin can track the exact location of the delivery agent using the application. Business Owners/Admin can pick any delivery agent from the active list and view his delivery details and live location. Push notification is enabled in the application. Delivery agents will receive a notification on the delivery assignment.

Reporting & Analytics

For any business, reporting, and Analytics creates a huge impact. With the accumulation of data, reporting, and analytics helps to forecast your business. Real-time and historic performance reports help Businesses to understand the current happenings and plan accordingly for the future. Reporting & Analytics helps to rate the delivery agents’ performance, obtain useful insights and metrics to make decisions accordingly.

For Delivery Agents

Our Application will help the delivery agents to view, accept, reject, and manage all their incoming delivery requests. Delivery agents will receive notification from the Business Owners/Admin on new opportunities. The application will help the delivery agents to view pickup & delivery details, view pickup & delivery location, the optimized route to navigate to pick up & delivery location, eSignature, PoD, etc. Delivery agents also will be able to view their historical delivery data. The delivery agents can download/install the mobile application on both IOS and Android platforms.

Receive Pickup & Delivery Notifications

Delivery Agents will Receive Pickup & Delivery Notifications as soon as a job is assigned for them. The notification will have detailed information on the pickup and delivery location with a list and map view, items to be picked up and delivered, customers’ location with contact details, and map to navigate. On clicking the notification, delivery agents will be able to view the assigned task and on the completion of an assigned task, delivery agents receive a notification for the same.

Google Map Integration for Navigation

Google Maps is integrated into the application to help delivery agents navigate the pickup and delivery location with ease. With the help of route optimization, delivery agents can view and follow the most optimal delivery route. Optimized routes also help delivery agents to easily navigate to multiple destinations and ensure on-time pickup and deliveries.

Pickup and Delivery Confirmation

Delivery agents can opt to either accept or reject the incoming pickup and delivery task. Also, once they agree for a pick-up or delivery task, a notification shall be sent to the business owners and customers. Delivery agents can upload the images of products they pick up and deliver, receive E-signatures from customers upon delivering the product, view/write pick up, and delivery notes.

Performance Reports and Wallet

Delivery agents can keep track of and maintain each and every transaction done by them. Delivery agents can also view their KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that helps them to earn more. With access to historical data, delivery agents can view and access their performances in terms of product pickup and delivery, customer feedback, and ratings.

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