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Online Food Ordering

  • Food Menu Management
  • Order Management & Payment Gateway Integation
  • Track Delivery Real Time
  • Customer Feedback Management

For Restaurant Owners

The On-Demand Food Ordering & Delivery App comes with an IOS and Android app for customers, Delivery drivers, and Web apps for Restaurants. A ready to use application with your branding and with customizable options that best fits your business needs. Increase revenue and customers by creating your own food delivery app that is fresh, effective and easy to use!

Menu Management

Restaurants can own their digital menu content and control their brand across any digital platform. Restaurants can update their menus through Menu management. Restaurants can also add/remove menus from the list along with Pricing changes for the food items listed.

Order and Delivery Tracking Management

Restaurants can accept/reject orders placed by customers from here. Restaurants can update the food ordering and delivery status here. Restaurants can also track the real-time location of delivery drivers and ensure fast delivery.

Payment Gateway Integration

Restaurants can receive the payments from the customers by inbuilt Payment Gateway. Stripe is used as the integrated payment gateway in the application. However, multiple payment gateways can be integrated on a need basis.

Ratings and Feedback Management

Restaurants can review the ratings and feedback from customers. The feedback and ratings for the service, food quality, delivery, and overall customer experience with the restaurant will help restaurants with the pros and cons of the service provided. This helps restaurants to keep improving and enhancing customer experience.

For Customers

Customers can register to the application using their Social Media accounts to experience an all new food ordering and delivery experience. This is a simple yet easy and effective application for ordering food.

Social Media Integration

Customers can create their accounts using social media accounts such as Facebook, Gmail, and Instagram. Customers can also create an account just by sharing an email address and phone number. Social Media Integration also allows customers to share restaurant and food reviews and ratings on Social Media accounts.

Order Status and Delivery Tracking

Customers will receive the food ordered status once making the order online. The restaurant will notify the order status as soon as an order from the customer is made. Customers can track the delivery driver once the order is picked from the restaurant.

Payment Gateway Integration

Customers can make the payments to the restaurant using the by inbuilt Payment Gateway feature. Customers will receive a notification on the payment status made in the application.

Ratings and Feedback

Customers can rate their experience with a restaurant and also write a review for the same. Customers can also share their reviews and ratings on their Social Media profiles. Customers can also view the ratings and reviews of other customers from the rating section.

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