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Our Approach



Infrastructure Assessment

40 Hours Package
  • Define the scope of the audit
  • Review the cloud infrastructure architecture
  • Review the cloud service provider’s (CSP) policies and procedures
  • Evaluate the CSP’s security posture
  • Prepare the audit report

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DevSecOps Audit

80 Hours Package

Everything in BASIC, plus

  • Define the scope
  • Evaluate the security controls
  • Assess the automation of security testing
  • Evaluate incident response processes
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the DevSecOps process
  • Document the findings and recommendations


120 Hours Package

Everything in STANDARD, plus

  • Prioritize findings
  • Create an action plan
  • Implement security controls
  • Review policies and procedures

Note: The hours and services provided may be subject to change depending on the complexity of the specific requirements.

Business Benefits

01 Enhanced Data Protection

Robust security measures ensure that business data and information stored in the cloud are protected against unauthorized access, breaches, and cyber-attacks.  

02 Increased Compliance

Cloud security processes can help businesses meet regulatory and compliance requirements, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.

03 Reduced Downtime

Effective cloud security measures can help prevent downtime due to security breaches, ensuring business continuity and minimizing the risk of financial losses.

04 Cost Savings

Cloud security solutions can help businesses save on costs associated with managing their own on-premise security infrastructure and resources.

05 Improved Customer Trust

A strong cloud security process can enhance customer trust and confidence in the business, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.

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Meet Our Team

Selvan R

Lead Solution Architect


15+ years of working experience in the IT Industry in various technical roles with up to date practical knowledge, and understanding of Consulting and Architecting solutions on Cloud IaaS (AWS & GCP), Migration Consulting, Solution Consulting, Enterprise Solution Mangement, Cloud Platform Application Management, Customer Relationship Management.

AWS Solution Architect Professional AWS Security Speciality Google Cloud Architect


Lead Solution Architect


Having 14+ years of extensive experience in Software Architecture, Design, and Development, With 6+ years of hands-on expertise in DevOps and Cloud solutions specifically on AWS, while having in-depth knowledge and understanding of other cloud platforms like GCP and Azure.

Java AWS Solution Architect Professional

Pradeep K.

Senior Lead DevOps


10+ years of experience in AWS Cloud, Devops, Networking architecture. Expertise in the CI/CD Process in AWS Tools and Jenkins automation. And creating the Infrastructure using IAC tools and Architect the application design for the best practices. Maintain the cloud in security best practices and optimized the cost and convey the security pillars in the cloud.

AWS Cloud Practioner AWS Solution Architect Associate Terraform Associate

Sathesh R.

Senior DevOps Engineer


Engineering Graduate with 9+ years of experience in the software industry. Skilled in Azure Cloud/Azure DevOps/DataOps Azure with a focus on optimizing deliverables, configuration management, infrastructure automation, Continous Integration and Delivery(CI/CD), I can implement effective strategies for N-Tier application development in both Cloud and On-premises environments.

MS Azure Developer Associate

Vinodh Kannan

DevOps Engineer


8+ years of experience in Cloud, Devops, Networking and System admin. Expertise in Implement CI/CD automation of Various applications,Linux Administration and troubleshooting.

AWS Solution Architect Associate

Thamiz Selvi

DevOps Engineer


4+ years of experience in Cloud Computing and Linux Platform. Worked on CI/CD Automation Implementation and Configuration for various applications and having experience in IaaS.

AWS Solution Architect Associate

Trusted and Proven Engagement Model

  • A nondisclosure agreement (NDA) is signed to not disclose any sensitive information revealed over the course of doing business together.
  • Our NDA-driven process is established to keep clients’ data and IP safe and secure.
  • The solution discovery phase is all about knowing your target audience, writing down requirements, and creating a full scope for the project.
  • This helps clarify the goals, and limitations, and deliver quality products & services.
  • Our engagement model defines the project size, project development plan, duration, concept, POC etc.
  • Based on these scenarios, clients may agree to a particular engagement model (Fixed Bid, T&M, Dedicated Team).
  • The SOW document shall list details on project requirements, project management tools, tech stacks, deliverables, milestones, timelines, team size, hourly/monthly rate cards, billable hours and invoice details.
  • On signing the SOW, an official project kick-off meeting shall be initiated.
  • Our implementation approach, ecosystem, tools, solutions modelling, sprint plan, etc. shall be discussed during this meeting.
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