Retail Customer Behavior Analytics | computer vision for retail analytics

Client Overview

Our client helps small businesses to analyze all of their live video’s data into actionable insights for better customer experience to increase sales. VIIOP is the platform that utilizes computer vision to recognize faces and analyze person emotion. To effectively provide actionable insights.

Proposed Solution

VIIOP system as an SDK which can be easily deployed and managed across different cloud services. It provides high functioning and highly flexible API’s that helps different developers to easily integrate with their existing code base. VIIOP system is built on the basis of micro services architecture, which makes the system more reliable and highly scalable. The system is equipped with kubernetes which makes the deployment easier and makes the system more reliable.

Business Value

VIIOP is a plug-and-play system, that helps developers, business retailers to make use of services such as face recognition and emotion recognition.
VIIOP system act as a good replacement for AWS kinesis, in terms of cost per usage.
This system acts as a third-party service that collects valuable information about their customers such as customer emotion, shoplifters, and known celebrities.

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