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Client Overview

The client is a Swiss based health technology company with over 100 years of combined experience in proactive health prevention, bio feedback and health technology. The premise is that by improving incrementally in all of these areas will contribute a great deal to one’s overall health and well-being.

Proposed Approach

The app actively helps to track and improve well-being and create balance along with retention of overall health. A holistic approach to health that incorporates analysis of the user’s diet, stress, lifestyle and much more besides.

Business Value



User can get the details on upcoming sessions or assessment along with the recent session/assessment result

Stress Calculator

Once new user registers and logs in, they shall have a calculator to determine their stress level and get advice or details based on it

Weekly Sessions

They shall have a weekly session on the stress regulation training or exercises. These exercises shall be daily based with duration of week


The user shall have a set of questionnaires through which they can determine their health and analysis

Reports based on assessment

User shall get a detailed report based on taken assessment


User shall have repository on audio, video or documents related to the session and assessment

Tech Stack

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