AI/ML based Pet Health Monitoring system


Our client approached us with a vision of combining her love for cats with technology. She wanted to provide the best possible care for the animals and ensure that they are healthy whilst in her care.


There were no complete products on the market that could do comprehensive monitoring of the cats on of all the data points that we identified, i.e., how much are the cats eating and drinking to determine the animal’s general health and wellbeing as well as how much do they weigh?


We decided to design and build the IoT boards ourselves so that we could ensure the hardware best suited the software. We then integrated the boards into the cloud. We monitor core details of the cats and their activity through the day and night. This data is fed into cloud storage where it is processed by both ML and statistical models to assess animal health. General information is displayed to the Client’s staff on iPads and is also available through Alexa. Anomalies are reported on for further decision-making by management.

Goal Achieved

The average healthy cat consumes 60ml of water per Kg of their weight per day. Thus, a 4Kg cat should consume approximately a cup of water. The IoT boards determine the cat’s daily weight as well as the volume of water consumed. We ran this data through the algorithms in the cloud to determine the probability of if the animal is consuming more water than what is reasonable. Thus if a 4Kg animal consumes more than 305 ml of water per day, we consider this an anomaly. Our statistics are constantly updated as data is generated by the system and sent to the Cloud

Architecture Diagram

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