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Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers

Artificial intelligence is being embraced by several industries including manufacturing, automation, finance, agriculture, education, healthcare, and other industry verticals. Big companies like IBM, Amazon Web Services, and Siemens are funding AI startups and are also merging and acquiring small AI companies.

There’s no doubt that the manufacturing sector is leading the way in the application of artificial intelligence technology. From significant cuts in unplanned downtime to better-designed products, manufacturers are applying AI-powered analytics to data to improve efficiency, product quality, and the safety of employees. Artificial intelligence is also changing the way we design products. One method is to enter a detailed brief defined by designers and engineers as input into an AI algorithm (in this case referred to as “generative design software”).

We present you “Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers – 2021. These are the ones that are at the forefront of bringing elementary change in the AI landscape. The companies listed in this issue are early adopters of AI technology and bring innovative strategies for the advancement of the same.

1. OptiSol Business Solutions – OptiSol provided end-to-end AI solutions for all verticals. Be it Vision Analytics that train algorithms to detect humans and their gestures for the context of many use cases (or) Text Analytics that build a searchable knowledge graph and actionable insights (or) Conversational AI, the Powerful AI engine trained on reams of data to understand customer needs – OptiSol can help you with all. OptiSol posses Technology capabilities across platforms that make them a pioneer in this market.

2. ThirdEye Data – A one-stop-shop for Data Sciences, Analytics & Engineering services, and products. A Silicon Valley-based one-stop-shop for Data Engineering and Data Science services & products. ThirdEye answers all data questions and offers actionable insights, real-world experiences, and strategic recommendations.

3. AppZen – AppZen’s SaaS platform leverages AI to automate the entire auditing process of a company’s spending. AppZen’s mission is to help modern finance teams lead the way with artificial intelligence. From bankrolling blockbuster ideas to steering the company out of trouble.

4. AiBrain – AiBrain is an artificial intelligence solutions company based out of California. As one of the world’s pioneering developers of A.I. and automation software, their main focus it developing an A.I. complete with human-like problem solving, learning, and memory capacity.

5. Mobvoi – Mobvoi is another Chinese-based A.I. startup that is known for its Chinese voice recognition, natural language processing, and vertical search technologies software that is developed. Mobvoi was founded in 2012 with a core team that included several ex-Google employees and A.I. experts.

Gartner estimates that the market value of AI-driven projects will worth $3.9 trillion by the fiscal year 2022. In the days ahead, AI will play a pivotal role in eliminating mindless busywork and making people more efficient, valuable, and productive.

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