How Business Owners can ease the Pickup and delivery of goods using Digital Technology?

How Business Owners can ease the Pickup and delivery of goods using Digital Technology?

I would like to talk about a particular site which I loved for ordering products. The main thing that attracts me to the site is their delivery service. One such incident is when I forgot to buy a gift for my office colleagues’ birthday party on behalf of our team. I ordered a product at last minute, and got the timely delivery saving my face in front of my colleagues. On-time delivery is one of the strategies to make customers attract to our products apart from inheriting good values. The significance of timely delivery creates a huge impact on the consumer’s reliability of the product.

“According to Oracle retail, the 13% of consumers would never order from the retailer if the delivery is late”.

**(Source: Oracle Retail)

Pickup and Delivery App - Oracle Retail
(Source: Stitch Labs)

To improve and manage the delivery services, OptiSol offers the business owners with an on-demand pickup/delivery application. The On-demand pickup/delivery application is developed both in web and mobile platforms supporting business owners and delivery agents respectively. The ready to use application can be customized based on the business requirements.

Pickup and Delivery Application - OptiSol

  • Intuitive Dashboards: The business owners can manage the entire business process using the intuitive dashboards designed based on the specific business needs. The dashboard will mainly help in providing information and insights about order details, transaction and driver performance.
  • Pick-up and Delivery Management: The business owners can use this feature to assign tasks, and manage the delivery agents. This feature can also help in tracking the delivery agents and also the deliver status.
  • Real time tracking of Drivers: The application has features for tracking the exact location of delivery agents and getting information about their delivery details. The delivery agents are updated about the delivery details in form of push notification.
  • Reports and Analytics: The business owners can view real-time and historical reports and analytics for getting insights about their business and delivery agents performance. The delivery agents can view the KPIs and performance information such as product delivery, customer feedback and rating that helps them to perform better.

OptiSol Pick-up and Delivery Application Offering:

Our hybrid solution helps business owners in managing their pickup and delivery services and improving their services. The business owners can view the overall business performance including the delivery agents for helping them to review their process and improve customer satisfaction. We have a team of experts who can provide business consulting and ideas to develop tailored solutions for modernizing user experience and high-quality care.

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