CaseStudy - Contactless Food Delivery: Mobile Companion App for Food Dispenser

CaseStudy – Contactless Food Delivery: Mobile Companion App for Food Dispenser

With the whole world swinging in full throttle, balancing between work and life, we wanted to give something that money can’t buy, which is “Time”. Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly faced with the decision to either spend hours cooking our own meals for the week, or to surrender and pick up a random sandwich from the cafeteria. To ease the process, we have designed a system that will allow our customers to pick up their food, fresh & flavorful, without human interaction.

To achieve that, we have developed a user friendly mobile application, which allows a user to place a food order on a nearby Vending machine / Kiosk and then pick it up. Also, a profile for the vendor can be created to manage their products and kiosk details

Tech Stack:

We have used the following technology stack to achieve the same.

Hosting – AWS: Amazon Web Services (AWS) plays a very vital role in offering reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services.

JAVA: With Java as backend, we were able to effectively communicate between the application, Kiosk, and the Database, so that we will keep an update on the product availability & order status.

React Native: Using React Native as a mobile platform that offers a Single framework and works in multiple platforms, we are able to achieve the proposed solution more strategically with less effort & time.

Braintree for PayPal: PayPal / Braintree provides us global use of payments with multiple payment options with a credit card, a wallet that makes our payment easy without having any security concerns for our customers.

Key Features

Our team at Optisol has developed a simple, yet extensive application with features that assist in dispensing the products from Kiosk.

  1. Search and Locate the nearby Kiosk and the also ones in specific locations.
  2. View the products available at the specific kiosks.
  3. Buy products based on their availability.
  4. Make payment is made seamless through the PayPal gateway.
  5. Generate a barcode on each successful order.
  6. Track the order until it gets delivered or expired.
  7. Track the order expiry time taken for the users to pick up products.
  8. Scan the barcode in the Kiosk machine and dispense the products.
  9. Refund the amount on partial dispense or if the order time expires.
  10. Allow user to mark their favorite products, so that user can keep their favorite food on their tips to re-order.


The implementation of food delivery using Kiosks has the potential of eliminating human interaction of picking up and delivering from restaurants.

With an administrative portal in place, the vendors will be able to understand the customer of their locality by the data points they get from the mobile application. With that the vendors will be able to form a strategic plan for different regions to attract their customers, making it as Customer-Centric.

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