A big thanks and appreciation for our Admin and Finance team! Our hero’s during the pandemic

A big thanks and appreciation for our Admin and Finance team! Our hero’s during the pandemic

Who would have thought of the present situation on the eve of 2020? None. However, life has its own twist and turns that are unpredictable. That too an impact of this size – Only a few predicted. It’s been 40+ days since started to stay at home and work from home (WFH). I felt this is the right time to thank all the unsung heroes at OptiSol, still fighting hard to make sure everything runs smoothly and on time.

Admin and Finance Team - OptiSol

March is when it all started – COVID19 spread and the impact of it started by mid-march. We predicted the impact to be huge and it will be this way at least for next quarter. We spoke to many people across the forum to understand the impact COVID19 shall create and the preparedness we should look at.

23rd of March is when we triggered the BCP and requested our employees to start WFH. We started all the preparation by mid of March on war foot to make sure all employee’s needs in terms of infra support, gadgets, installations, laptops are all taken care of. This is not as simple as it looks. This particular task of providing infra to 200+ employees is a huge task and our support team did put in their heart and soul to make sure we cover them all.

When close to 95% of our employees stayed back home to avoid pandemics and be healthy – few of our heroes took the responsibility to make sure rest all work uninterrupted. Our Admin/Finance team especially giving it all to meet each and every employee’s needs in terms of System support, hardware support, network issues, parts replacements and at times traveling to different places to procure the parts and essentials. Going a step further, our Admin team in Chennai stayed next building to our office making sure all the above activities are taken care of at utmost priority.

Our Finance team at Madurai made sure to process the salaries on time in spite of the COVID-19 spread and lockdown. They worked round the clock in not only processing salaries but also help with invoices and other essential financial activities that keep the ball rolling till date.

It is indeed the right time to take a moment and appreciate all their efforts and thank them from the bottom of our hearts. They made it possible for us to work by staying away from friends and family during difficult times. We would also like to thank their family members for standing by them and supporting them.

Guys – you are our unsung heroes and accept our thanks and appreciation!

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