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Problem Statement


Lack of Data Integration: Data silos across different platforms can create difficulties in accessing, analyzing, and interpreting data, leading to poor decision-making and missed opportunities.


Security Risks: Multiple platforms and tools increase the risk of security breaches and data loss due to inconsistent security protocols, vulnerabilities in different systems, and the need for data integration across platforms.


Limited Scalability: Managing multiple platforms can make it difficult to scale operations and expand into new markets, as each new platform may require additional resources and infrastructure.


Poor User Experience: Employees may find it challenging to navigate multiple platforms and workflows, leading to decreased productivity, morale, and job satisfaction.


Difficulties in Collaboration: Collaboration across different platforms and tools can be challenging, leading to miscommunication, delays, and confusion in completing tasks.

Solution Overview


OptiSol collaborated with a 60+ years environmental service provider in North America to build a digital platform that automates workflow for waste management operations and other field and industrial services.


The platform streamlined the company's finance, customer service, environmental services, and field industry service operations across multiple sites in the US, Canada, and Mexico.


By automating 90% of their time-consuming repetitive tasks, the company was able to shift their focus to improving the customer experience.


The Objective of the proposed solution was to have a single platform solution for the complex waste treatment and disposal services and wide range of other field and industrial services


The real-time online data platform also provided customers with an important tool for ensuring environmental compliance and managing their business operations.

Business Impact


Improved Efficiency: A single platform solution can streamline workflows and automate repetitive tasks, reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency.


Enhanced Customer Experience: Providing a single platform solution for all services can improve the customer experience, making it easier for customers to interact with the company, track their services, and receive timely updates.


Increased Data Visibility: A centralized platform provides greater visibility into data across operations, enabling better data-driven decision-making and improved operational performance.


Greater Scalability: An enterprise web application can enable greater scalability, allowing the company to expand operations and services without adding significant resources or infrastructure.


Competitive Advantage: By offering a cutting-edge digital platform, a company can differentiate itself from competitors and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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Key Features


Profile Manager

Centralized profile management helps to avoid duplication and efficient tracking of waste profile across US Ecology sites.

API Integrations

Seamless integration with third-party application in getting the waste profile automatically.

Activity Tracking

Efficient tracking of Profile from the pickup/receipt to Disposal

Project & Accounting

Project and accounting module provide detail tracking of treatment and disposal cost.

Profit Center

Revenue tracking and distribution across each profit center


High-level dashboards specific to user role with details such as Budget Vs Actual revenue, Revenue & Cost Analysis, Revenue trend and Cashflow

Trusted and Proven Engagement Model

  • A nondisclosure agreement (NDA) is signed to not disclose any sensitive information revealed over the course of doing business together.
  • Our NDA-driven process is established to keep clients’ data and IP safe and secure.
  • The solution discovery phase is all about knowing your target audience, writing down requirements, and creating a full scope for the project.
  • This helps clarify the goals, and limitations, and deliver quality products & services.
  • Our engagement model defines the project size, project development plan, duration, concept, POC etc.
  • Based on these scenarios, clients may agree to a particular engagement model (Fixed Bid, T&M, Dedicated Team).
  • The SOW document shall list details on project requirements, project management tools, tech stacks, deliverables, milestones, timelines, team size, hourly/monthly rate cards, billable hours and invoice details.
  • On signing the SOW, an official project kick-off meeting shall be initiated.
  • Our implementation approach, ecosystem, tools, solutions modelling, sprint plan, etc. shall be discussed during this meeting.

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