Real time Safety Monitoring with Vision Intelligence

Key Highlights

  • OptiSol implemented a real-time Safety Violation Detection System in collaboration with a leading steel company to enhance safety monitoring across critical areas of the facility.
  • The client faced challenges with inadequate safety compliance and monitoring, leading to delayed violation detection and increased accident risks within the facility.
  • Delivered a custom Safety Violation Detection System with Computer Vision for real-time monitoring and intervention, including hardware selection and setup for efficiency & reliability.
  • The solution enhanced safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness by reducing accidents and fostering a safety-conscious culture, resulting in a safer workplace and lower financial losses.

Problem Statement


Inadequate Safety Compliance and Monitoring: Current safety measures and manual monitoring are ineffective, delaying violation detection and increasing accident risks.


Risk Visibility and PPE Compliance Gap: Current safety protocols lack oversight in critical areas and fail to ensure proper PPE use, increasing accident risks within the facility.


Reactive Safety Approach: Lack of real-time safety monitoring leads to reactive safety measures, heightening accident risks and causing operational disruptions and financial losses.

Solution Overview


OptiSol is partnered with one of the leading steel companies to implement customized SHIELD platform that acts as a real-time Safety Violation Detection System using Computer Vision.


Utilized Computer Vision technology to monitor and detect safety violations in real-time across various critical areas within the steel manufacturing facility.


Apart from implementing solutions, we have assisted in choosing hardware and camera setups, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of the safety monitoring system.


We have used You Only Look Once (YOLO) model for real-time detection, providing high accuracy and efficiency in identifying safety violations and potential risks within the facility.


Resources from OptiSol have been deployed on-site, offering a comprehensive AMC (Maintenance and support service).

Business Impact


Enhanced Compliance: Implementation of the Safety Violation Detection System improved safety adherence, reduced accidents, and enabled early risk intervention.
Increase in Safety Adherence


Efficiency Operations: Streamlined safety processes and real-time detection boosted operational efficiency, leading to cost savings from reduced incidents and related expenses.
Reduction in operational costs


Cultural Shift to Safety: Adoption of advanced safety tech fostered a safety-conscious culture among employees, promoting proactive safety practices and accident prevention.
Decrease in Accidental Risks



This project implements a Safety Violation Detection System in collaboration with a leading steel company, integrating Computer Vision for real-time monitoring and PPE compliance. The You Only Look Once (YOLO) model ensures high accuracy and efficiency in identifying risks, supported by on-site maintenance. This proactive approach enhances compliance, reduces accidents, streamlines operations, and saves costs. Moreover, the adoption of this cutting-edge safety tech has instilled a culture of safety consciousness among employees, fostering proactive practices and accident prevention, thus marking a substantial shift towards a safer work environment.

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