Performance based efficiency monitoring system for manfacturing industry


One of the largest manufacturers in the world aimed a strategic vision of improving their plant’s performances through the development of a plant efficiency monitoring system. By doing so, each plant’s performance can be monitored and inefficiencies in particular streams and shifts in the specific plant and subgroups can be tracked and improvised. In addition, replacement of manual maintenance of reports and analytics with automated report generation to determine the top-performing plants and Target KPIs achievements among plants with more accuracy and seamless manner.



Plant Level- Dashboard


Performance based Ranking recognition


Stream wise Reports


Update Target and Actual KPI


Export data


Refined Filtering of reports

Goal Achieved

  • Automates report generation regarding the performance of each stream in particular shifts for each plant based and overall plants
  • Streamlines best performing streams and shifts among overall plants in accuracy and error-free due to the system generated reports and analytics replacing manual work.
  • Ability to set target KPIs and monitor actual KPIs met for both streams wise and plant wise in daily basis.

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