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Client Overview

OptiSol helped a Startup company in building an AI/ML-based solution approach that helps non-technical users to record sign translations of bible verses. This application allows sign language experts to login into the web portal and uses gesture recognition.

Proposed Approach

  • This platform is meant to be used by non-technical folks to record sign language translation of Bible Verses.
  • Then use the data to train the gesture recognition model to interpret and translated the Bible version from Sign Language gestures.
  • This platform focuses on the need to reach sign-language users and give them an opportunity to read and interpret bible verses.
  • Ability to translate sign-language gestures of Bible Verses to many international languages easily.

Business Value


Built a one of kind product that has no match in the evangelical domain. 


User adaption is made easy. Sign language experts can login and record sign language gestures of Verses of different books and chapters easily. 


The data is tagged, and gesture recognition models can be trained by non-technical team members easily in the web-based portal. 


Trained models can be deployed in on-premises or cloud infrastructure. 

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