Courier Tracking and Logistics Platform for Delivery Operations

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Problem Statement


Last-mile delivery: Last-mile delivery can be challenging in urban areas with heavy traffic and limited parking.


Delivery/pick-up scheduling: Coordinating delivery and pickup schedules across various locations can pose difficulties.


Inadequate inventory control: Precise inventory management is crucial to ensure products are ready for delivery and pickup.


Security and safety concerns: Ensuring the security and safety of goods during delivery and pickup necessitates protocols and employee training.


Customer anticipations: Fulfilling customer expectations for rapid delivery, precise tracking, and dependable communication can be demanding, especially during unforeseen disruptions.

Solution Overview


An independent courier company collaborated with OptiSol to develop a mobility platform for smoother delivery/pick-up processes.


The platform offers shipping solutions with smart technology to e-commerce retailers seeking quality, flexible, and innovative cross-border growth services.


Riders can access daily journey plans that include dynamic routing for optimized pickup/delivery routes.


The platform sends ad-hoc pickup notifications to users through the application.


The platform integrates with the existing delivery app for efficient delivery unloading.

Business Impact


Improved efficiency:The mobile platform can optimize delivery routes, reducing delivery times and improving efficiency in the delivery/pickup process.


Enhanced customer experience: The platform can offer real-time tracking, allowing customers to know the exact location of their shipments and receive delivery updates. This can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Cost savings: The optimized delivery routes can result in reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs, leading to cost savings for the courier company.


Increased competitiveness: The mobile platform can provide a competitive advantage by offering innovative and efficient delivery solutions, helping the company to attract and retain more customers.


Greater scalability: The platform can provide the infrastructure needed for scaling the delivery/pickup process, allowing the company to expand its services and reach a wider audience.

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Key Features


Assigned Tasks

Can view the list of assigned pickup or delivery task along with details such as address and customer name.

Pickups and Delivery Listing

Can view the task history of the day along with the option to view task details, POD details, and its status.

Day's Report

Riders can view their daily task report along with view the total number of tasks, total pickups, and total deliveries.

Status Update

Riders can update their task by marking the specified task as completed, so they can move to the next task.

Location and Routing

Map views of customer locations with precise time and distance to destination along with dynamic Voice guided routing for best optimized route

Proof of Delivery

On completion of the task the rider, they can upload Proof of Delivery (PoD) and Digital Signature from the customer.

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