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Performance Testing - Our Approach

Performance testing approaches involve simulating various types of load on software systems to measure their response time, scalability, and stability. This includes stress testing, load testing, endurance testing, and spike testing, among others.

Our Packages

120 Hours Package
  • Limited Load Testing with 1000 Concurrent users
  • Limited number of test data creation
  • Run the scripts only in Test Environment
  • Run the scripts only in On-premises systems
  • Supports open source tools like Jmeter and BlazeMeter
  • Supports fundamental features of the application
  • Identify and report bottlenecks in the application
  • Supports for improving operational performance and load capability
  • Provide Summary of performance metrics and actionable insights
  • Allocation of dedicated performance tester until your test done

Most Popular

160 Hours Package

Everything in BASIC, plus

  • Load, Spike and Endurance Testing with 5000 concurrent users
  • Extensive and required coverage for test data creation
  • Run the scripts both Prod and Test Environments
  • Run the scripts both Cloud and On-premises systems
  • Supports licensed tools and open source tools. License cost extra.
  • Supports in-depth and key areas of the application
  • Identify hardware issues or hardware/VM related problems, threads or file descriptors along with application bottlenecks
  • Supports for improving operational performance, Load capability and Application performance fine tuning
  • Provide comprehensive and detailed Performance Test summary report with graphs and trend charts
  • Allocation of dedicated performance tester and test manager for your entire test journey
Interested in Hiring our Resources?
Custom Package
  • Access to a pool of skilled and experienced resources for your project needs.
  • Flexibility in hiring resources on a short-term or long-term basis to suit your project requirements.
  • Reduced overhead costs and increased efficiency by hiring resources as needed, without the need for long-term commitments or investment in additional infrastructure.

Note: The hours and services provided may be subject to change depending on the complexity of the specific requirements.

Value Propositions

01 Optimized for seamless user experience

Our solution will provide Improved Testing Efficiency, repetitive tests faster and more consistently than manual testing.

02 Reduced business risks through reliable

Helps early Detection of Defects and reducing the cost and time required to fix them.

03 Prevent system failures with proactive testing

Provides better Test Coverage and cover a large number of test cases, including edge cases and reducing the risk of application failure.

04 Scalable for growing user traffic & usage

Helping the clients for their application Faster Time to Market and the Automated testing can accelerate the software release cycle.

05 Valuable insights for optimized system

Providing Increased Test Accuracy and Automated testing eliminates the possibility of human error, accurate results.

06 Reliable performance for confident stakeholders

Cost Savings and it helps to reduces the need for manual testing, which can result in significant cost savings over time.

How We Do It

Performance Testing - Life Cycle

Tools & Technology

Testimonials of our Happy Clients

Our Expert Team

Shanmugam S.

QA Manager


With over a decade of experience in Software Testing and Quality Assurance, I have deep knowledge of Test Management, Offshore Delivery Management Crowdsourced Testing.

ISTQB Certified Offshore Delivery

Balakumar M.

Senior Test Lead


I am a seasoned Software Testing professional with 9+ years of experience in the field. In my role as a Senior Test Lead, I specialize in Automation, API Testing, Performance / Database testing, and Functional testing.

ISTQB Certified Automation Performance

Sundar B.

Senior Test Lead


Senior Test Lead with 9+ years of experience in Software testing field with proven ability meet agreed deadlines work using defined testing methodologies within structured environment.

ISTQB Certified Automation Performance

Sai Sankar D.

Test Architect


Automation Test Architect with 11+ years of experience in a sensitive corporate environment. Proficient at creating and maintaining executable scripts, can include in projects either as a team or an individual resource.

ISTQB Certified Automation Security

Parthiban K.

Senior Quality Analyst


Senior quality analyst with 8+ years of experience in Software industry. I have extensive knowledge and skills in all aspects of the software development life cycle, test planning, test case design, execution, defect management & reporting.

ISTQB Certified Automation

Nanthini E.

Senior Quality Analyst


I am a Senior QA Analyst with 6+ years of experience in the Software testing field. Experienced in software development life cycle (SDLC) and testing methodologies.

ISTQB Certified Automation

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