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On-Demand Services

1. Online Appointment Scheduling
2. Integrated Payment Gateway
3. Google Map Integration

On-Demand Services

On-Demand Service means “Ready To Use”. On-Demand solutions are highly reliable and easily scalable to grow with the needs of the application. This method does not create any service interruption when the infrastructure is upgraded. End users will be able to use cloud services and other corresponding services easily, quickly, and most importantly – without any limits.

Online Doctor Consultation

This is the digital solution to make healthcare simpler and more accessible for patients. Patients can choose a doctor without any hassle. This application provides the chance to consult the doctor at the earliest. Get on a video call and post consulting, the prescription too.

Restaurant Ordering

The On-Demand Food Ordering & Delivery App comes with an IOS and Android app for customers, Delivery drivers, and Web apps for Restaurants. A ready to use application with your branding and with customizable options that best fits your business needs. Increase revenue and customers by creating your own food delivery app that is fresh, effective, and easy to use.

Online Grocery

Our Online Grocery platform comes with an IOS and Android mobile app for Customers, Delivery Drivers, and a Web app for the Grocery Business Owner. A ready to use application with your own branding and 100% customizable options to fit your business needs. This is the right time to serve your customers at their doorstep with the application. Ordering groceries is just a click away now!

Online Education

Competition among students is increasing day by day. Online tuition classes are convenient for both student and tutor. Students can re-watch recorded lectures, repeat exercises, take online tests, etc. to enhance their learning experience.

Fitness Training Program

Challenge yourself to a variety of workouts including strength, cardio, HIIT, dance, flexibility, and more – All online! You read it correctly. Classes are available online – Take classes using your smartphone, tablet, or computer that can connect to the internet. Exercise anytime, anywhere.

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