Online Tution Classes

Online Tution Classes

Classroom learning isn’t enough?
Need extra classes and attention?
Have you heard of online tution?

This application is for both teachers and students to interact, work together and take study experience to a totally new level!

For Students

Competition among students is increasing day by day. Online tuition classes are convenient for both student and tutor. Students can re-watch recorded lectures, repeat exercises, take online tests etc. to enhance their learning experience.

Schedule Classes Online

Students can login to the application and from calendar pick a time and date of availability to book an appointment with tutors/teachers.

Live video conference with teachers

A video call communication can be done between the teacher and the student through this application, communicate on the studies, test feedback etc. to keep improving on a daily basis.

Online Tests and HomeWork

Online home work and test can be taken up by students to keep working on subjects that needs attention. This shall help students to attain better marks in their academic.

For Teachers

Teachers can register themselves in this application, create a profile and start tutoring online. Teachers can get on a video call with students, teach them on subjects, communicate with them and improve their efficiency.

Creating Teachers Profile

Teachers can create their profile in this application by registering to this application. Teachers will be able to set up their availability and booked schedule through an inbuilt calendar, take one on one classes (or) group classes and teach online.

Live video communication with students

A video call communication between the teacher and the student can be made through this application. Teachers can do a one on one live video call, teach classes, asses students through this live video communication. Teachers can also supervise students while taking their tests through video feed.

Online Feedback on Performance

Teachers can conduct multiple tests using this application and also provide home work to students in need. Teachers can evaluate students online and provide feedback through this portal and keep tracking on each and every student performance.

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