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Online Fitness Training Program

1. Schedule Appointment Online
2. Real time video call with Trainers
3. Online Diet Chart and Workout plans

For Gym Goers

Challenge yourself to a variety of workouts including strength, cardio, HIIT, dance, flexibility, and more – All online! You read it correct. Classes are available online – Take classes using your smartphone, tablet, or computer that can connect to the internet. Exercise anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Programs

Setting up fitness goals rightly is very critical for the success of any fitness regime. With our expert Gym trainers, each of the trainees will have a personlized online fitness training program with a time frame for achieving short term and long term goals. The progress to your fitness goals of muscle gain or weight loss will be monitored week by week.

Live Video training with Trainers

You can work out with your trainer through a video call – live interaction rather than looking at the pre recorded videos. These live sessions with the trainer shall help you gain more accurate and correct work out plans while compared to the recorded videos.

Customized workout plans and diet chart

You will get a plan designed according to your goal and how many days you can workout in a week. It will include a detailed image document/videos of all the exercises along with the number of repetitions, sets and rest times for each exercise and we will keep changing your workout plan after every 4 weeks. A sound diet plan shall be provided which supports your hard work in gym.

For Gym Trainers

Gym Trainers can register themselves to this application, create a profile and start their training through the digital platform. Gym Trainers can get on a video call with their students for day to day training, provide nutrition plan, design workout plan etc.

Creating Trainers Profile

Gym Trainers can create their profile in this application by registring to this application. Gym Trainers will be able to set up their available and booked schedule through an inbuilt calendar. They shall also be able to create gym schedule, diet plan etc.

Live Video training with Trainees

A live video call consultation between the Gym Trainers and their students can be made through this application. Gym Trainers can train/interact/educate their students through this application, communicate with them on the workout plan, diet etc.

Review the progress

Gym Trainers, post generation of exercise and nutrition plan, can do weekly reviews to keep check on the progress. Based on your progress towards goal, progressions are done in the workout and diet plan. An appointment for weekly review can also be booked through the application.

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