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Technology – Boon or Bane

People have always complained about how the invention of Technology has had a major impact on the lives of not just the youngsters but also the adults of the current century. Toddlers even seem to be addicted and obsessed with mobile phones. Parents complain about their children wasting their time with electronic gadgets, all the time and do nothing productive.

Well, 2020 was the year that proved to everyone that no matter how hard people try to despise Technology, that was what benefitted everyone the most. Being at home, isolated, quarantined, and locked down, people became vulnerable to the usage of technology.

Networking is a robust way to build one’s personal and professional skills, but how does one socialize with others when one can’t meet with people face-to-face? Virtual Networking is the answer to this problem. From shopping till schooling, the whole lot has become digitalized. Despite the various technological solutions available these days, the one branch that seemed to attract more businesses, especially during the pandemic is the Video Conference.

Yes, as quoted earlier, shopping, business meets, educational institutes, political & government official meetings, marriage alliances, online consultation with doctors, and even went to the extent where judicial verdicts were passed and lawyers represented their clients, all using the medium, Video conference.

Video Conferencing- Game Changer

Video conferencing is a technology that enables people from different locations to conduct face-to-face virtual meetings, using web cameras connected to laptops, tablets, or personal computers, or a smartphone with the provision of a video camera. This technology is becoming a trending business service.

“30% of organizations worldwide began using web conferencing solutions for the first time due to COVID-19” – Source: Twilio

OptiSol- Healthcare Online Consultation

Now that you know about Video conferencing, here is the part of the article where we would like to brag about how OptiSol has had the opportunity to develop one such exemplar. Healthcare through online consultation is made simple, straightforward, and unchallenging. We designed and developed a mobile application for patients and doctors to have a face-to-face consultation. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

The application lets a patient select a doctor’s specialization and filter out the desired doctor of their choice. They can go through the doctor’s qualities such as expertise, year of experience, qualification, languages are spoken, medical registration number, etc. The Booking Engine produces results with a list of doctor’s names based on the combination of several criteria. The patient will select the department or the specialization, select the date of appointment and the available time slot, confirm the appointment, and make payment for the appointment. The patient can view the date and time in which a doctor is available and book an appointment with them. Making a payment towards the consultation is made easier through the secure payment gateway.

“The global telemedicine market accounted for $45.5 million in 2019 and is projected to account for $175.5 million by 2026” Source: Statista

What’s So Special?

The prime attribute of this application is the video call feature, where the patient and the doctor will have a face-to-face online consultation. The significant part of the application is that the doctor can prescribe medicine or recommend a diagnosis, radiology, or even a pharmacy and upload the prescription in the application. The prescription will be in downloadable format and can be accessed anytime by the patient. If the patient desires to have the medicine delivered to their doorstep, they can request a delivery.

The doctor can have a complete list of patients who have requested an appointment, appointments that have been approved by the doctor as well as the history of patients that a doctor has consulted. The doctor can also view his upcoming scheduled appointment list.

The application is developed using WebRTC. Web Real-Time Communication is a technology that enables Web applications and sites to capture and optionally stream audio and/or video media, as well as to exchange arbitrary data between browsers without requiring an intermediary. It supports video and voice, allowing developers to build powerful voice and video communication solutions.

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