Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in London - 2021 Reviews | AI companies in London

Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in London – 2021 Reviews


Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in London, UK - AI Company In London,AI Startups in United kingdom

Artificial Intelligence or AI refers to human-like intelligence that has the ability to solve problems through its learning and decision-making capabilities.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, most of the traditional norms we followed have taken a turnaround and adapted digital and remote trends. Be it grocery shopping or hospital visits, all turned digital and making it more flexible and easier for customers.

Artificial Intelligence Companies will continue to provide decision-making and automation, completing intelligent tasks at ever-growing speed and scale. Through this, manual work will be replaced and freed by the use of AI turning human labor to focus on high priority risks and automate the rest.

Let’s find out the top AI companies in London, United Kingdom.

Here are the top AI companies in London:

1. OptiSol Business Solutions

OptiSol is a Trusted digital transformation partner of global enterprises with expertise in Native Web and Mobile Applications, AI & ML services hosted on AWS and Azure Cloud, and product implementations.

OptiSol is trusted by 200+ clients including L&T, DHL, etc. OptiSol has excellent client references in the US, Europe, Australia, and 24 other countries, a couple of them are Fortune 500 companies. OptiSol has awarded a Bronze trophy at CII National competition on Digitisation, Robotics & Automation (DRA) – Industry 4.0 – 2020. OptiSol has been awarded by CIO Review and other associations.

OptiSol provides:

  • Automated solutions for enhancing workplace safety (Industrial safety),
  • AI-assisted automated solutions to reduce medical errors and hospital-acquired infections (Health-care solution),
  • Trained neural networks to improve safety using human Activity recognition (Activity Recognition),
  • Automated Vision Intelligence to perform accurate facial recognition of people. (Facial Recognition & Detection)
  • Conversational AI Chatbot

2. Benevolent AI

BenevolentAI applies artificial intelligence to find new ways to treat disease, accelerating medical research and drug discovery. Benevolent AI’s software analyses academic papers, clinical trial data, and other scientific documents to make new discoveries. AI can collate and learn from biomedical and scientific data on a scale and depth unattainable to humans.

BenevolentAI’s software may take one compound that failed in a clinical trial, for example, and then predict how the same compound could be more efficiently targeted towards another disease. It’s AI technology enables scientists to decipher the complex code within compounds and humans faster. It’s currently applying this exact process to discovering a potential treatment for COVID-19.

3. Plum Fintech

Plum is an AI assistant that helps people manage their money and increase their savings. It uses a mix of AI and behavioral science to help users change the way they engage with their finances – for example, it points out savings they can afford by analysing their bank transactions.

Plum also allows its users to invest the money saved, as well as to easily switch household suppliers to secure better deals – the average customer can save roughly £230 a year on regular bills it claims.

4. Onfido

Onfido is on a mission to help businesses verify people’s identities. Founded in 2012, it uses machine learning and AI technologies, including face detection and character recognition, to verify documents such as passports and ID cards, and to help companies with fraud prevention.

5. Deeper Insights

Deeper insight founded in 2014, specializes in artificial intelligence, big data consulting, custom software development, and business consulting. Their mid-market and enterprise clients are primarily in the advertising, consumer products, financial services, and health care industries.

Deeper Insights partnered with a data analytics company to build a chatbot prototype for clients to receive analysis estimates quickly. They supplied a chatbot to help the client facilitate those interactions; the project served well as a marketing tool.

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