Top 5 Automation Testing Service Providers In UK | Top Automation Testing Companies In UK

Top 5 Automation Testing Service Provider Companies In UK – 2022

Automation testing companies have grown in the count with more than 1000 companies in the current scenario. In case a customer wants to choose the best company among them, how will they choose? What factors will they have to consider before choosing a company for their automation requirement? This article will help you with the top automation testing companies in the UK with the required business factors needed for a good automation service. 

Here are the Top 5 Automation testing companies In UK : 

1.UnoSquare LLC 

Founded in 2009, Unosquare, LLC is headquartered in Lake Oswego, Ore. with other locations in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Belfast, U.K. With more than 600 employees, they provide software development and testing service providers in UK | US, combined with their staff augmentation services to meet software engineering needs, using nearshore development professionals.  

A caller ID company hired Unosquare, LLC to provide software engineering and QA resources. Assisting on various projects, Unosquare provided daily support in all aspects of application development. 

2.OptiSol Business Solution 

OptiSol is a Trusted digital transformation partner of global enterprises with expertise in Native Web and Mobile Applications, AI & ML services hosted on AWS and Azure Cloud, and product implementations. 

OptiSol was established in 2006, Now it’s a team of about 300+ Agile smart employees with a development center in India and global offices in the US, UK, Australia, Ireland, and Dubai. 

OptiSol’ s Quality Engineering team helps organizations transform seamlessly without compromising on high quality. OptiSol testing practices and automation strategies go hand in hand with the digitization roadmap and product launches.  

OptiSol has expertise in leveraging a combination of manual and automation practices to improve test automation coverage and increase test maturity to provide better software products. Optisol is one of the best automation testing service providers in the UK | US | India. We have hands-on experience building and testing software platforms on various industries like Healthcare & life science, E-commerce & Retail, Financial Services, Educational industries, etc., 


Audacia is a bespoke software development firm headquartered in Leeds, UK. Founded in 2007, and have about 30 employees, most of their clients are large-scale enterprises in the European market. They provide custom software development, web development, mobile apps, software integration, and staff augmentation. Audacia is one of the best automation testing service providers in UK.

 Audacia developed a sophisticated Magento-integrated database for a data center equipment broker. Audacia delivered a high-performing database integrated with both the Magento build and Sage 200 ERP, and the site has had no unplanned downtime since partnering with them. 


Synetec is a software development consultancy headquartered in London. They were established in 2009, and have 26 employees. Synetec’s range of services includes cloud, CRM, and business intelligence consulting, software integration, web development, custom software development, and more. 

Synetec is engaged in a development partnership with a voice AI firm. The client’s backend database requires integration of voice AI algorithms and CRM data, for which Synetec uses Microsoft Azure and SQL. The client emphasized that Synetec’s work has not produced any negative feedback, and the partnership is considered integral to their business. They are one of the good automation testing service providers in London, UK

5.TestDel UK Ltd

TestDel founded in 2015. It is a leading quality assurance company with over 5 years of experience in providing all testing-related services to ensure the successful delivery of programs. Their principal focus is to provide end-to-end quality assurance services around the world to Software Development firms and end clients. TestDel test teams work with organizations across all industries to meet all testing challenges effectively. 

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