OptiSol Business Solutions Recognized as a Most Reviewed Global Leader in the IT Consulting Industry

OptiSol Business Solutions Recognized as a Most Reviewed Global Leader in the IT Consulting Industry

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For over 13 years, OptiSol Business Solutions has been a valuable partner to many clients. When it comes to IT solutions, we’re an experienced team of seasoned professionals that help many businesses adapt to the changing tides of technology. Today, we’re thrilled to share with you that we’ve been named as a most reviewed vendor among the top Manifest companies in the IT industry.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how we qualified for this award:

In 2008

Like-minded Friends from a humble background, graduated from B school started OptiSol to help businesses in the current technology landscape. Our company was established to serve companies in all facets of IT. Today, our team has grown significantly, and we’ve served more than 200 clients, providing over 500 digital solution implementations.

In 2015

iLookin.com, LLC, an online community startup, engaged with us for the development of its website. The project needed to allow the client to adjust when needed. We worked closely with the client company to build the product as requested. Within a year, we delivered the product, and we’re glad to see our partner satisfied with the overall results of the project.

“They are very efficient in the sense that when we needed something done, it was done within a couple of days. They also shared a lot of their research. The most important parts were the friendly relationship and the price. The pricing was phenomenal considering the amount of work they had to do.”

— Ryan McClellan, CEO, iLookin.com, LLC

In 2021

The Manifest announces its list of the most reviewed vendors in the field of IT consulting, naming us among the leading providers. We’re truly honored to be the recipient of this award as it shows our commitment to our service over the years.

Of course, we owe it all to our clients because without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

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