How to Use Mobile Devices to Approve Purchase Orders in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

In D365, a purchase order can be created by the purchase requester, and it requires approval by the Purchase order approver to fulfill the Purchase order such as receiving and invoicing. The approver can be configured based on the requester or worker hierarchy.

When purchase orders require approval, the Purchase order requester or Purchase order preparer assigns the Purchase order to the approvals by submitting the workflow. The Purchase Order approval can be approved the Purchase order through the D365 desktop application. Instead of this, an approver can approve the purchase order using D365 Finance and Operations mobile application by enabling the Purchase Order Approval mobile workspace on D365 Application. The Purchase order approval mobile workspace offers the same workflow actions available in the web client.

How to enable a mobile workspace for purchase order approval:

  • Open the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations app in your web browser.
  • Navigate to the Purchase Order Approval workspace.
  • Click on the “Publish” button in the workspace toolbar.
  • In the “Publish Workspace” dialog box, select “Mobile” as the target environment.
  • Choose the appropriate device form factor for the workspace (e.g., phone or tablet).
  • Click “Publish” to create the mobile workspace.


Once the mobile workspace has been published, it can be accessed by users through the Dynamics 365 mobile app. Users will be able to view and interact with the workspace on their mobile devices, giving them the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time.

Download and install the Microsoft Finance and Operations mobile app:

To download and install Microsoft Finance and Operations go to the below links and click install.

For Android:

For IOS:

Sign in to the Microsoft Finance and Operations (Dynamic D365) mobile app:

  • Open the app on your mobile device.
  • Enter your Microsoft Dynamics 365 URL and click connect.
  • The first time that you sign in, you’re prompted for your username and password. Enter your credentials.

After you sign in, the available workspaces for your company are shown. Note that if your system administrator publishes a new workspace later, you will have to refresh the list of mobile workspaces.

To see the orders that have been assigned to you, follow these steps:

On your mobile device, Open the Microsoft Finance D365 Mobile app and select the Purchase Order approval workspace here you can find all the Purchase order that is assigned to you for approval.

Select a Purchase order. On the Order details page, you will see the order header information and line details.

Actions on a purchase order:

On your mobile device, select the Purchase order approval workspace. Select Orders assigned to me to view all the purchase orders for which you’ve been asked to take action in the purchase order approval workflow. Select an order and view the details page. Select Actions to show the available actions. Select the appropriate action based on your needs. As an approval, the user can take the below actions on a purchase order based on their need.

Request change:

In a Purchase Order (PO) approval process, a request for change is a formal request to modify the details of a purchase order that has already been submitted for approval


In a Purchase Order (PO) approval process, rejection refers to the act of declining or disapproving a purchase order that has been submitted for approval


A delegate in a Purchase Order (PO) approval process is an individual authorized to act on behalf of another user in the approval workflow.


The purchase order is considered to be authorized, and the PO requester can proceed with fulfilling the order, such as ordering and receiving the goods or services specified in the PO lines.

Approve a Purchase order on a mobile device:

In the Purchase Order Approval workspace, select the purchase order that needs to be approved. Click “approve” and enter any necessary comments. Finally, click “Done.”

With mobile approval, approvers can review and approve POs from anywhere, at any time, if they have an internet connection.




In conclusion, approving Purchase Orders (POs) using a mobile app provides several advantages, including increased efficiency, improved accessibility, greater visibility, and better control and compliance. Mobile approval allows approvers to complete the approval process on the go, without the need to be at a computer, providing real-time updates and notifications, so approvers can stay informed of the status of POs and take action quickly when needed.



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