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Flutter 2 – Top 5 Key Highlights You Need To Know

5 Major Highlight about the Flutter

Flutter 2: a major upgrade to Flutter that enables developers to create beautiful, fast, and portable apps for any platform.

With Flutter 2, you can use the same codebase to ship native apps to five operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux; as well as web experiences targeting browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

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Flutter can even be embedded in cars, TVs, and smart home appliances, providing the most pervasive and portable experience for an ambient computing world.

Flutter allows you to handcraft beautiful experiences where your brand and design come to the forefront.

Highlight 1 – Web Support

Flutter Plan - OptiSolThe best part of Flutter’s 2.0 is the support they provide for the web platform. By doing so, the reusability of code is a level up now. Flutter, with the new release, has moved its framework approach from document-centric to the app-centric.

Flutter plans is to focus primarily on the follow 3 scenarios.

  • Single page apps (SPAs)
  • Progressive web apps (PWAs)
  • Expanding existing Flutter mobile apps to the web

With this recent update, developers can now not only build interactive web applications, also develop interactive graphics since the updated version of flutter is an enhanced platform with APIs supporting 3D graphics.

Flutter 2.0 is an enhanced with architectural improvements thus adding more features to optimize Flutter for the web.

Highlight 2 – Desktop Support

The stability on all desktop platforms is a reality with the new Flutter 2.0. Flutter enables developers to devlop a native-like experience on each of the platforms.

Another important update is that the latest release will help developers in the smoother resizing for macOS and Windows.

By providing the desktop support, flutter has officially become the number one UI tool for future apps running on Ubuntu.

Flutter community will now be able to support for various dependencies such as native-like text editing, native top-level menus, and accessibility support.

Highlight 3 – Google Mobile Ads

Mobile App Ads - Flutter Developer OptiSolGoogle Mobile Ads – Another add-on to the new Flutter release. The current SDK version is Beta and it is released for the public.

With the use of the SDK, developers can now include native ads and banners with the existing template/formats. This is done as a unified integration with AdMob and Ad Manager.

With Flutter 2.0, the mobile ads can be used/integrated as regular widgets – However, the interface of the widgets is much better with the app’s layout.

With the introduction of Google Mobile Ads, developers can easily customize advertisements with the help of Admob and Ad Manager.


Highlight 4 – Multiplatform Development (DART)

Data Platform Development - OptiSolFlutter 2 is portable to many different platforms and form factors. The easy transition to supporting web, desktop, and embedded is thanks in large part to Dart, Google’s programming language that is optimized for multiplatform development.

Dart combines a unique set of capabilities for building apps such as

  • No-surprise portability.
  • Iterative development with stateful hot reload.
  • Google-class performance

There is no other language that combines all these capabilities; perhaps therefore Dart is one of the fastest-growing languages on GitHub.

Highlight 5 – Sound Null Safety

Dart-Flutter-Development-Company-AustraliaSound null safety has the potential to eradicate dreaded null reference exceptions, offering guarantees at development and runtime that types can only contain null values if the developer expressly chooses.

Best of all, this feature is not a breaking change: developers can incrementally add it to their code at their own pace, with migration tooling available to help developers when they are ready.

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