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DevOps Culture and Mindset – 5 Steps To Ignite Change

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To overcome these challenges and meet the market demand and customer expectations – In recent years, DevOps (Development and Operations) is the term being used often and it is gaining momentum and popularity.

DevOps initiatives can create cultural changes in companies by transforming the way operations, developers, and testers collaborate during the development and delivery processes. DevOps is as much about the culture, as it is about the toolchain.

DevOps – Development + Operations

DevOps Development + Operations

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology OptiSol Solution

DevOps Market: By Region

DevOps Market - OptiSol Solutions

Global DevOps Market

Global DevOps Market

The DevOps Process

The DevOps Process

Plan: Organizing the tasks, schedules and setting up the project management tools happens here. The idea is to plan tasks using the user story process from the agile methodology.

Code: Code development and code review is done here. The code is merged once it is ready. It is important to share a code tool between Ops and developers’ teams like GitHub or Gitlab.

Build: Automation starts from here. The source code is built into one desired format, compiled, tested and deployed in the infrastructure. CI & CD tools check and verifies the source code & build it.

Test: The continuous testing process reduces risks. Automatic tests ensure that no bugs will be implemented in production.

Release: Once the code passes the testing (continuous integration) process it is available and ready to be deployed.

Deploy: The operational team deploys the new feature in production. Since automation is one of the DevOps principles, it is possible to set up continuous deployment.

Infra: The Operations team will build/maintain a scalable infrastructure, infrastructure as code and check security issues and log management.

Monitor: A better end-user experience is created thereby fixing bugs/incidents faster through this monitor process.

5 Steps to Ignite Change

5 Steps to Ignite Change - Top down Approach


Empower the Team - optiSol

Change – In Progress

Communicate and Collaborate



Final Change

Be Customer Centric

If you are planning to move away from traditional practices and adopt the DevOps process – we can help you with that.

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