DataOps - Top 3 Advantages

DataOps – Top 3 Advantages

What is DataOps?

DataOps is a set of practices, processes, and technologies that combines an integrated and process-oriented perspective on data with automation and methods from agile software engineering.

DataOps improves quality, speed, and collaboration and promotes a culture of continuous improvement in data analytics.
DataOps applies to the entire data lifecycle from data preparation to reporting and recognizes the interconnected nature of the data analytics team and information technology operations.

DataOps is not tied to a particular technology, architecture, tool, language, or framework. Tools that support DataOps promote collaboration, orchestration, quality, security, access, and ease of use.

Data Engineering – Market Share


As per research and markets, the data engineering services market to grow from USD 34.47 billion in 2018 to USD 77.37 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.6% during the forecast period.

Global Data Engineering Service Market

DataOps – Top 3 Advantages!

1. Continuous software delivery

  • DataOps align people, processes, and technology within a DevOps environment to efficiently manage data and delivery functions.
  • DataOps provides the tools needed to manage data and delivery functions effectively.
  • DataOps automates software delivery, ensuring a consistent, repeatable, and predictable process.

2. Increased Productivity

  • DataOps automates the process-oriented methodologies to improve the efficiency of the workforce.
  • With DataOps in place, resources can focus on strategic tasks instead of spending time on mundane tasks.
  • Human errors can be minimized with DataOps practice in place.
  • DataOps creates automated, repeatable processes and automates code checks and controlled rollouts.

3. Higher Employee Engagement

  • The most powerful factor that predicts employee engagement levels is recognition. With DataOps, this shall bring in a meaning perspective that helps organizations to plan accordingly and execute.
  • DataOps, using automation and agile process creates best practices that enable employees to deliver better with increased accountability.
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