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Data Journey – Overview

  • Data is the new oil and an increasing number of organizations are focusing on reorienting their digitization strategy around data.
  • Data drive digital initiatives and enterprise data has a typical journey all the way from sourcing to intelligent visualization.
  • Choosing a custom solution in each of these phases will accelerate your digital journey and realize the power of new oil.

Data Journey – 4 Stages

A Data journey comprises four stages:

Data Services

  1. Data Scraping & Data Aggregation
  • Web scraping is a powerful data sourcing technique that leverages tools and frameworks to scrape data from the public domain.
  • The scraped data can be aggregated and transformed into a meaningful format and loaded into any database in a structured format.
  • Web scraping can be done using custom programming or by leveraging many tools.
  • Web scraping is a powerful data extraction mechanism that will accelerate your data journey to annotate them for better grouping, build a cognitive intelligence layer on top of it using AI & ML, and leverage data visualization tools for better insights

 2. Data Labeling Services

  • Labeling training data acts as the first step in the machine learning development cycle under Computer Vision.
  • Consider we need to train a machine learning model to identify a specified category of objects from the collection of data.
  • We would need to collect representation data samples which have to be classified and analysed along with a Machine Learning algorithm for handling each sample.

 3.Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Vision Analytics is used to train algorithms to analyze images and videos to detect and segment objects of interest and perform downstream analysis of the data
  • Text analytics involves semantic analysis of text data like documents, email, webchat, social media, surveys, customer forums, etc. along with the process of building a searchable knowledge graph and insights.
  • CONVERSATIONAL AI – Powerful AI engine trained on reams of data to understand customer needs. Chatbots can be trained to interpret and answer a wide range of questions for enhancing data accuracy, domain-specific and near human-like cognition.

 4.Data Visualization Services

  • Data visualization helps in simplifying complex quantitative information into easily accessible representations such as graphs and charts.
  • Data visualization is the final leg of the data journey where we aggregate data via scraping or ETL, annotate, build a cognitive intelligence layer, and enable tangible evidence via data visualization.
  • The data visualization can be accomplished using open source frameworks or commercial platforms and we help you in picking the right tools based on use case fitment.


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