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Everything You Need To Know About Booking Engine

Just think!!

Before a decade, we all must have a second thought about the availability of resources and services in the place where we like to hang out with our people. Even sometimes we all might have ended up with empty hands after reaching the place, due to the lack of information and resources in that place.

I like to cite not many situations which we may have gone over during our life,

  • We use to remain in a long line for purchasing tickets in the theater
  • Waiting in the line for meeting the specialist
  • Waiting for the tables in the eatery.
  • Waiting in the line for purchasing travel tickets in Railways, Airways.
  • Jumping into the buses for reserving the seats for transportation.

At this point, you may have a short review about our past, where we use to remain in the long line for handling things.

All these long queues, disappointment, last time rushes came to end with the use of technology. We know that technology now has a major impact on our day-to-day life. From toddlers to grandparents everyone in this world is now familiar with this technology and using them to ease their work.

Presently getting to the heart of the matter, how did innovation take care of this long line issue in the public arena.

The response for this is the advancement of a Booking Engine, which permits individuals to see data, book, and pay for the administrations which the client needs whenever it might suit them.

Booking Engine ApplicationWhat is the business which utilizes a Booking Engine in the current market now?? Practically all the significant ventures in the market embraced the Booking Engine to lessen the responsibility of the clients.

Few industries which adopted booking engines are Transportation (Bus, Railway, and Airway), Hospitality (Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts), Hospitals, Entertainment (Theatre)

A booking engine is a software that allows a potential customer to book and pay for an activity or service directly through your website.

The back end and the customer-facing side are the two sides of the Booking Engine. The back end is used by the companies to set up, manage and review the business reservations, and the customer-facing side allows for the potential user to book from their own convinces.

Now a day, almost every industry in the market is using this booking engine API which helps the companies to,

  • Increase the sales of the business,
  • Greater scalability and wider audience reach,
  • To reduce the time.
  • Increase customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Ease of payment

Since you think about Booking Engine, here is the piece of the article where we might want to gloat about how OptiSol has had the chance to create such models.

Healthcare through online consultation is made simple, straightforward, and unchallenging. We designed and developed a mobile application for the patient to book the consultation with the doctor online using the application.

The superb trait of this application is booking the appointment online, where the patient can book an appointment with the doctor in their available time through this application.

Once the patient decides the time, doctor’s specialization, year of experience, qualifications, language spoken, medical registration number, the patient can search using this application and get the desired results in the application. The application filters out all the criteria given by the patient and displays the result.

The Booking Engine produces a result with the list of doctor’s names based on the combination of several criteria selected by the patient. The patient will select the department or the specialization, select the date of appointment and the available time slot, confirm the appointment, and make payment for the appointment.

The patient can view the date and time in which a doctor is available and book an appointment with them. Making a payment towards the consultation is made easier through the secure payment gateway.

The booking engine helps the user to book an appointment with the doctor, once the payment is done the doctor receives the notification about the appointment fixed by the patient.

The doctor can have a complete list of patients who have requested an appointment, appointments that have been approved by the doctor as well as the history of patients that a doctor has consulted. The doctor can also view his upcoming scheduled appointment list.

The significant part of the application is that the doctor can prescribe medicine or recommend a diagnosis, radiology, or even a pharmacy and upload the prescription in the application. The prescription will be in downloadable format and can be accessed anytime by the patient. If the patient desires to have the medicine delivered to their doorstep, they can request a delivery.

The other piece of application which has a booking engine as its core value has been developed by Optisol, and the details are furnished below.

Booking appointments with an imaging center also known as a scan center has been made easier with the help of the application. We designed and developed a Web application that helps you locate a nearby imaging center, choose a center, select the type of scan that has been prescribed to you by a general practitioner and book an appointment with the center as per your convenient date and time.

The superb trait of this application is booking the appointment online, where the patient can book an appointment with the Image center in their available time through this application.

The application allows the user to sign in into the application, select the current location and the user need to select a few other information on the screen such as the date on which you need to book an appointment, insurance provider name, and the type of scan that the patient requires, the application shows all the available nearby image center corresponding to the patient selected fields.

The booking engine helps the application to fetch the available image center based on the fields selected by the user in the application and display the details of the image center. Once the available image center is displayed in the application, the patient can book an appointment using this interface by selecting the slot and booking options.

The patient is even allowed to reschedule the booking timing after the appointment is confirmed. After the appointment is fixed by the patient both the patient and image center should receive the notification messages both in email and in SMS about the appointment fixed with the image center.

Now that we have read about what and how we did it, click here to try it free for 7 days!

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